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Books to Uganda

Author Clive Lewis took some Dernier books to Uganda recently (The City Kid, I Want to Be an Airline Pilot, Living in Hope and Under the Tamarind Tree). Clive gave the books to Dickens Zziwa, National Director of Scripture Union. SU do a great job taking the good news of Jesus to young people all over Uganda, so the books will be well used. Delighted to see our books reaching places we can not go! Working together in the Kingdom of God is a huge privilege. If you pray, you are part of it, too – how awesome is that? (With thanks to Florence Lewis for the lovely photos.)Dickens Zziwa and Clive Lewis!)

Dickens Zziwa, National Director of SU Uganda, with author Clive Lewis

Dyslexia friendly books

A New Me is dyslexia friendly – see how easy it is to read? We would like to update all our books, eventually, to this style, to make them as accessible as we can to as many readers as possible. Most of our books are also available to large print and Braille in the UK. Please contact us for more details. 🙂

Dyslexia friendly books from DernierDyslexia friendly books from DernierA New Me Christian book for pre-teens

Kindle ebooks

All our books (except for the brand new one, A New Me) are available as ebooks on Amazon’s kindle store. So now you can read any book you like anywhere you like in the world. 🙂 Why not read the stories to your children –  and be inspired yourself while you read. 🙂 Just search for the title on Amazon and you will find it!

All Dernier Publishing Christian books for young people

Cat Standing in Your Way?

Hello, and welcome to the latest Dernier Publishing newsletter!

Bold and Courageous

What type of videos do you enjoy watching on YouTube? Surfing dogs, other people’s disasters, how-to videos, Tim Vine clips? (Or maybe you have better things to do! :-)) Have you seen this one: You Shall Not Pass, Dog? 🙂 Why do dogs hate walking past cats so much? Sure, cats can be mean, but what’s the worst that can happen? Some of these dogs get a clip as they pass, but mostly they survive unscathed… and some are so much bigger and stronger than the cats – they just don’t realise it! Aren’t we a bit like that sometimes? Fear of the wrong things holds us back. OK, we might have to take a risk, get hurt… but honestly, are there areas where you should be more bold and courageous? Any cats standing in your way? 🙂 I know there are in my life! Please pray for me, for our authors and all who work with Dernier, that we will be bold and courageous as we seek a wider audience for our books. Thank you!

cat and dog looking nervous

A New Me

I reported last month that there have been delays with A New Me – thanks for praying, it’s coming on nicely now, although we’re still waiting on the cover, which is a bit frustrating. One teacher who read the manuscript felt it wasn’t up-to-date enough, but we have also had some great reviews, including two from twelve-year-old girls:

Lucy’s mum, Ruth, said, “She [Lucy] really didn’t want to read it (she has sadly gone off reading over the last year), but once she started, she couldn’t stop – I am hoping it will trigger her to read again! She seemed to really enjoy it.Lucy said, I liked the real life scenarios in the story and how it showed that God can help you through tough times.”

Ellie read the book in two days and loved it! Mum, Michelle, emailed me to say:

My daughter Ellie has read your book (in 2 sittings!) and has written the bit below –

This book is amazing!! It shows you that through hard times all you need to do is trust in God. Jess was living in a difficult situation, she was surrounded by Christian friends and even though her parents and brother were not Christians she put her trust in God. I’m glad that she decided to put her trust in God. I definitely recommend the book. – Ellie (12)

I asked Ellie who was her favourite character in the book, and she replied: “Aidan, as he is not ashamed of his beliefs and is not afraid of what people think about him because he has put his trust in God.

That’s encouraging!

Edna, a young mum from Australia, has also read the manuscript. She says:

I think this is a great book that deals with real life issues of alcoholism, separation, and bullying, and how God can turn things for good if only we ask Him to. I hope that this book brings comfort and strength to many young people dealing with these issues! Need more books like these in this world we live in!”

I suspect this may not be the book you would give to an older street-wise teenager, but from the feedback we’ve received from the two girls who have read the story, it seems like A New Me has the potential to touch young hearts. Maybe for your younger 10-12 year-old girls at church? Those who need some encouragement, and a story where it’s great to be a Christian? To encourage them that they, like Aidan in the story, can make a difference by sharing their faith? And perhaps that they, too, like Jess, need to reach out to God for themselves, whatever they are facing in life?

I will put up some excerpts from the story on the Dernier facebook page next month, so don’t forget to come over from time to time. 🙂

And please do pray for the author of A New Me, Roy, as we plan the launch of the book and try get the book known far and wide. “Discoverability” is key. No point having a book and nobody knows about it. Thanks once again for your support for this story.

Children reading in Nairobi

Thank You For Our Books

Dr Loise, our contact from Education Bridge Africa, sent me a brief video clip of children in Nairobi saying thank you for the books we have been sending, and a report on how things are for children in some of the informal settlements of Kenya; sadly I can’t work out how to download the video to show you, but if you contact me I will be happy to send you Dr. Loise’s report of the desperate situation in the informal settlements. It includes some lovely photos of children reading our books!

If you would like to help with this project, let me know. Just one book could change a life! If you buy the books, we will organise and pay for their delivery.

Girl reading Revenge of the Flying Carpet


As you are such wonderful supporters, I’d like to make you an offer of our newest book: Revenge of the Flying Carpet first ten people to send me their names can have a copy for £4.99, postage free (wherever you are in the world). Theme: Revenge, justice, judgement, mercy. For 10-13s-ish. If you have never read this book before, now is your chance, then you can pass it on! And if you would be kind enough to write a review, I’d be most grateful. 🙂

(Retailers: If you would like to order copies of this book at extra discount this month, please contact me.)

Janet WilsonI think that’s all for now! Regardless of what happens in the World Cup, rejoice always! 🙂

Love to you all,


P.S. If you would like to receive our regular newsletters via email, you can sign up here. Make sure you are first to hear our news and offers!

Launch of the Flying Carpet, Reviews and More!

Welcome to the Dernier Publishing Newsletter, November 2017

Launch of the Flying Carpet!

We had a great time at the launch of Revenge of the Flying Carpet. Thanks to all who came, young and old! It was great to celebrate the arrival of this book, and you can now buy as many copies as you like until we sell out . . . which might not be too long, as we’ve already sold almost half the original print run!

Celebrating the launch of Revenge of the Flying Carpet

The story is really as much about forgiveness as revenge. Forgiveness is an issue for all of us, because we have all let others down, and we all have people in our lives who have done us wrong. I bet if I gave you a moment you could come up someone you have hurt . . . and someone who you would really like to see getting their comeuppance for what they have done to you!

Paul, the lad on the cover, has been bullied by his sister as long as he can remember. When he finds a magic carpet in his gran’s loft, he thinks it’s going to get him revenge, but he gets a lot more than he bargains for . . . and there’s a twist in the tale. 🙂

Revenge of the Flying Carpet stackDo you know a young person who either cares about the injustice in this world, or who has been bullied or abused? They need to read this book.

You can get your copy here or from your local Christian bookshop. The book is really for 10-14s, but you might like it, too, so do buy one and pass it on! If you have known the freedom that forgiveness brings, you will want to share it.

To give you a bit of a taste, here’s an extract from the first chapter (which I read at the launch):

The one bad thing about flying off on a magic carpet was that I had to go with my twin sister. She got the celebrity name – Trinity. I got the boring name – Paul. And that just about sums up the whole of the fifteen years of our lives.

I never thought about revenge, though, until I found the carpet.

Trinity has always had the best of everything. She has thousands of friends – well OK, that’s an exaggeration, but loads anyway, and she always gets everything she wants. If she asks and doesn’t get it the first time, she wheedles it out of whoever another way, either sulking or making them feel guilty till they give in.

Mostly she helps herself without asking. If there’s only one bag of crisps, she’ll have it. She’s supposed to be attractive (according to most people), gets A*s for everything, and is captain of the school netball team. So yeah, my sister . . .

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the flying carpet – well, it was the size of a large rug really, but magic rug doesn’t sound quite right. It was both stunning from an art point of view, and for once in my life . . . hang on, I’m going too fast. Let me start by telling you how I found it.

It was in our gran’s loft when we cleared out her house (she had to move into an old people’s apartment with a lift because she can’t manage the stairs any more). I had to pass all the stuff down the rickety loft ladder to Trinity, because it was dirty up there and I always got the worst jobs. A bare light bulb hardly lit up the cobwebs, let alone the stuff beneath. It was freezing up there (it was February), and the rafters were so low I kept bumping my head.

I nearly died when I first climbed up and saw how much dusty old junk was up there. You should have seen it, piled up high, stretching away to every corner. My heart sank. What a way to spend a Saturday. We’d be here forever, I thought. I wondered where I was going to start, but it was obvious really – I had to start right there by the ladder because I couldn’t get any further in.

I’ll cut out telling you about all the tedious shifting and Trinity’s non-stop moaning and whining, and get straight to the point.

The carpet was rolled up against the far brick wall, held up between a pile of chairs and a stack of boxes. I could see the blue wool on the edges, long before I could get to it – even then there was something about it. It was the only decent thing in the entire loft. Everything else was broken or rusty or mouldy or faded. I know this is going to sound strange, but the carpet seemed to be waiting there for me to find it. Even before I touched it, I felt kind of drawn towards it.

When I eventually did reach it, ages later, I unrolled the edge and stroked it. Tingles went up and down my spine. It was thick, warm, and attractive in an arty kind of way, with a soft pile, like real wool, in shades of blue. Even then, I knew there was more to it than just the way it looked and felt. It was as if it wanted to tell me or show me something.

I was still feeling a bit wow, I can’t believe this, when Trinity yelled up the loft ladder. “What’s the matter slowmo?” Well I didn’t want her to know about the carpet, so I quickly rolled it back up, slid it behind some tins of old paint, and carried on shoving the stuff down to her, you know the sort of things – old lampshades, battered old suitcases, and a whole mass of decorating stuff that must have been our granddad’s a very long time ago.

I waited for my moment. As soon as Trinity wandered off, moaning about her arms aching and needing a break, I unrolled the carpet and spread it out as best I could around the junk. Incredible it was, stunningly beautifully patterned, about the size of a double bed, looking perfect, not a bit dusty or moth eaten. And it wasn’t as heavy as you’d expect, either, which was strange.

Then of course Trinity turned up, peering up through the loft hatch, leaning on the ladder. “What have you found?” she asked.

Nothing,” I said, but of course I had and she could see it.

Liar,” she snarled, pulling herself up the last bit of the ladder and into the loft. “Ooh, it’s really disgusting up here,” she added, wrinkling her nose. “Bit like you really.” Then she turned to the carpet. “Hey, that must be worth a lot of money, I bet it’s a genuine Persian rug. Nice one,” she decided. “I could sell it.”

But it’s not yours,” I objected. If Gran didn’t want it, I wanted it for myself. It’s not like it was trendy or anything, I just really liked it.

It’s not yours either.”

I found it.”

Don’t be childish,” she said, looking down her nose at me. “I suppose you’re going to say finders keepers next? Anyway, it’s Gran’s, and she’ll give it to me if I ask her for it.” As usual, I didn’t answer. I just sighed, knowing she was right. Trinity, being deliberately annoying as usual, sat down on the carpet. She looked up at me in her superior way, with her arms folded, secure in the knowledge that she had won again, because she always did.

Well, as I couldn’t get stuff down the ladder without her being there to hand it down to, I thought I might as well sit on the carpet once before it was taken away from me. So I stepped on to it and sat down.

Now this is going to be difficult to believe, but when I discussed it with Spencer afterwards (did I tell you he’s my best mate?), we agreed that nothing is impossible. Well evidently, because with the sound of whooshing, the carpet lifted off the floor. I remember Trinity’s horrified expression as we hovered for a minute over the ancient boards of the loft and the rest of Gran’s stuff that we hadn’t yet got downstairs, then somehow we must have slid through the roof because we were in the air outside and gliding through the clouds.

Revenge of the Flying Carpet front cover

You can get your copy here and from bookshops for just £5.99. If you would like quantity discounts, please contact me. It’s a great story to give to a group so you can consider together the issues of justice v injustice, mercy v revenge, the temporal v the eternal. There are reading group questions in the back, and the format is dyslexia friendly, so nobody should feel left out. You can also order the book in large print and Braille via the Torch Trust (contact me for details).


Free Lunch?

A few weeks ago I went to Bessels Green Baptist Church to speak to members of their Seniors Club and had a delicious free lunch – home made quiche, new potatoes and fresh vegetables! A group of about 40 older people meet up every week. As well as talking about Dernier, I did a quiz on classic children’s stories, which was good fun. It was great to hear some of the “lunchers” talk about stories they enjoyed as children, and to remember how important stories are in our lives. A few people bought books for grandchildren – do pray they will touch hearts and lives. Sorry I meant to take some photos and completely forgot!

Christian Resources Exhibition

We didn’t exhibit at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park in Esher this year, but I did go as a visitor. Among the speakers were Rachel Gardner (from Youthscape) and George Verwer (founder of OM). What shone forth was their passion for what they do. In completely different ways, they are showing people there is another way – that the gospel of Jesus is good news. People don’t have to follow the crowd, but can walk the narrow way which brings freedom, grace, love, and blessings beyond measure.

George VerwerWe are not all called to be in the limelight like George and Rachel, but we all need to be reminded from time to time how important it is that we all pull our weight. We ALL have a job to do. We all have a vital task that only we can do. It’s so easy to go with the flow and get comfortable – but the time to be comfortable isn’t now, it will be later!

Social Proof

Would you be kind enough to write a review, if you have read Revenge of the Flying Carpet, (or any other of our books) for our website? I know it’s a nuisance, but if you had a few minutes it would be hugely appreciated (rest assured that I am the only one who can see your details). One thing that studies have shown that helps a book’s success is the number of reviews it amasses . . . and we hardly have any.

Girl holding Revenge of the Flying CarpetThe more reviews, the more copies sold, which brings more reviews, so more copies sold – and so it goes on. Social proof is hugely important in getting people to trust us, who have never bought from us before. And we’d like to reach as many young people with the message of forgiveness as we can! You can do so here. Thank you!

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson, Founder of Dernier Publishing

And I ought not to keep you any longer!

Grace and peace to you all, and thanks for reading the newsletter, and for all your support,


P.S. If you haven’t got anyone to buy Revenge of the Flying Carpet for, we can send books on to a school in Africa desperate for reading material, on your behalf. Just let me know. :-)

Prison, Palace, Parties, Pebbles and Revenge!

Dernier Publishing Newsletter October 2017

Once again we have reached autumn and harvest time – how time flies, along with the swallows! Hope you have had a good summer.

Last weekend I went to stay with my brother, who moved to Ireland last year. It was my first time on Irish soil – what a beautiful country! One day we drove to the Atlantic coast. It was a windy day, and wow, how those waves were rolling in! But it was the pebbles on the beach that took my attention: they were all different sorts – really unusual. It reminded me how, although we are all so very different, with different gifts and from different walks of life, we are all in the kingdom of God together.

Pebbles on the beach

Some of the pebbles were so incredibly smooth, too! Rubbed up against each other, smashed by the waves and eroded by the rough sand day after day, the process is smoothing every sharp and rough corner. There’s a lesson there. If we are feeling battered by life, and bruised by people . . . we can rejoice! All those hardships are there to help us become more like Jesus.

I kept this one to remind me.

smooth stone

Paul learns a bit about that in the Revenge of the Flying Carpet, but more about that in a minute!

Book Parties

Please let me know if you’re interested in having a Dernier book party between now and Christmas. It’s a great way to get Christian books into more homes and earn some commission at the same time! I can email you all the details – just reply to this email or contact me here.

Dernier Publishing books

Lambeth Palace

Because of our links with Angel Tree, I was privileged to be invited to Lambeth Palace to an event organised by the Prison Fellowship. What an amazing work they do. Listening to the speakers and talking to a chaplain from a Young Offenders Institution afterwards, I came away more aware than ever how vital it is we reach our children with the good news of Jesus while they are young. There are too many heartbreaking stories – some of the boys in the YOI are as young as fifteen. 🙁 You can read more about the Prison Fellowship and Angel Tree here.

Janet with Joanna from Prison Fellowship

With Joanna from Angel Tree

Please pray for the children of prisoners who will receive our books this year through Angel Tree. Many of them are vulnerable themselves. And do buy books for children you care for – you may never know what misery you might avert by the seeds you sow.

Audio and Ebooks

Please keep praying for our audio books and ebooks, too! A lot of work is going into each file. Ebook files will be uploaded to the CLC website very soon. As soon as they are available I will let you know, of course. Nearly there!

I’ve just finished recording Living in Hope for the Torch Trust for blind and partially sighted people. I Want to Be An Airline Pilot is done; Under the Tamarind Tree is next, so people with sight loss can have the whole set of Rwanda books on audio. Reading into the microphone is not as easy as it might seem, and re-recording the bits when I stumble or get a word wrong is time-consuming. But slowly we’re getting there . . .


Thanks to all who prayed for our time at the Christian Resources Together retreat last month. It was a great time of meeting up with friends in the trade, and supporting each other, so together we can get as many Christian resources out into the church (and the world!) as we can. It was especially lovely for me to have author Eleanor Watkins helping on our exhibition stand. Thanks Eleanor! Our authors are such a vital part of the publishing process, and are greatly valued. Eleanor and I gave away copies of Rebecca and Jade: Choices to retailers from Christian bookshops. We hope many will read it and recommend it to customers.

CRT Dernier stand

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Special Offer

Copies will be with us any time now from the printer! I can’t wait to see them. The cover will have varnish swirls, which you can’t see in the jpg image. The release date for this book is 1st November, but I have a special offer for you (as you are kind enough to be subscribed to this mailing list). If you pre-order Revenge of the Flying Carpet between now and the launch date, I will send you, completely free, a copy of Deepest Darkness along with the new book, to pass on to a child on your heart. If you would be kind enough to write a review on our website when you have read it, I would be hugely grateful. The review can be as simple as ‘This was a good/bad book‘ or ‘I loved it/hated it‘ – you can write as much as you like, of course! We all look for reviews when we want to buy something, so the more reviews, the merrier. (This offer is exclusive to supporters on our mailing list, though, so please don’t pass it around.)

Revenge of the Flying Carpet front coverDeepest Darkness

This is the link to our website. When you order, let me know you are a subscriber, and I’ll make sure your copy of Deepest Darkness goes into your parcel. This offer is only available pre-launch, so don’t delay, order now.

Revenge of the Flying Carpet will be available from your local Christian bookshop, of course, as well as from our website.

About the Book

Some of you know I started Dernier Publishing when I saw the need for fun fiction for young people written from a Christian perspective. (That’s cutting a long story short, but it will do for now!) I began writing stories myself, so I had something to publish in those early years when I had no money and no experience (and didn’t want to be responsible for ruining anyone else’s stories while on that steep learning curve!). Actually, I found I loved writing fiction, but as Dernier has got bigger I’ve had little time for writing, as I’ve concentrated on publishing other people’s stories.

However, a few years ago I had an idea for a story that was burning in me. I began writing Revenge of the Flying Carpet – and actually finished it. We all know children who are bullied and badly treated at home and at school. Knife and gun crime are on the increase. Gangs bring violence because revenge is a way of life – and unless there’s forgiveness, there will never be and end to the suffering. It may be natural instinct to want to ‘get even’, but it doesn’t work – it just brings more pain to more people. Lives will carry on being scarred, hurt, torn apart. Children are not exempt.

I wanted to write a book that would bring hope to young people who suffer or who have suffered at the hands of other people. A charity we have links with runs trauma healing workshops for Christians in Nigeria who are victims of people who burn their villages, kill their families, kidnap their girls. Forgiveness is part of the healing process. Challenging? You bet.

In the Revenge of the Flying Carpet, Paul’s sister is mean to him – very mean. All the time. All his life he has had to put up with her mocking, bullying, mean nastiness. I wanted to show readers that although in this world there can be injustice, pain, abuse, oppression and all kinds of evil, one day there will be justice. And for now, there needs to be grace and forgiveness. We need to forgive, and we need to be forgiven. It’s then we find freedom. Paul finds this challenging, too, in the book, as he hears the good news of Jesus and starts to understand what it means. I pray the story will bring hope to anyone who has ever suffered at the hands of others, as well as being an enjoyable read! I hope it will help young people find forgiveness – forgiveness for themselves, for the wrongs they have done, and forgiveness for the people who have sinned against them. Or at least take a step in that direction.

I hope you will buy this book, read it yourself, then pass it on and buy more for the 10-14s in your life (you might even enjoy it yourself!).

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson, Founder of Dernier Publishing

And that’s all I have room for!

Grace and peace to you,


P.S. I used to be Evans before I was Wilson, so I’ve kept J.M. Evans as my pen name. Still me, though!



Christian Resources Together

We had a great time at the Christian Resources Together event at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, last week.

This event is so everyone in the Christian book/card/gift trade can meet together. Suppliers have exhibition stands, retailers from Christian bookshops check out what’s new . . . but it’s much more than that. There are times of worship and prayer, networking opportunities, we eat together and have an Awards Celebration. And we chat, laugh and commiserate with each other, depending what’s going on! There’s a unity among us; we’re all there because we want to serve the Kingdom of God. Friendships are made and grow, year by year.

Oh, and authors are welcome, too! This year, Eleanor Watkins came and signed her new book, Rebecca and Jade: Choices. We had a good time! Please continue pray for all the contacts we have made, and all the children who will read our books as a result of this conference. Thank you!

Newsletter: September 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for reading this! And thank you so much for all your prayers for Dernier – please be assured they are making a massive difference. We are finding more and more outlets to get the good news of Jesus through story into young people’s hands . . . which is why we exist!

There’s so much excellent news this month, and so much to do, my head is spinning, so we need your prayers more than ever!

I do hope you will find among all this news, something that will help you reach out to the children on your heart.

Right, where shall I start . . . OK, let’s begin with books to prisoners’ children:

Angel Tree

We are thrilled to be sending books to prisoners’ children again this Christmas via the Angel Tree foundation (an arm of the Prison Fellowship). Approximately *1,000 children* will receive one of our books each! How amazing is that? 🙂

The books are offered tThe Birthday Shoes bookhrough prison chaplains and will be sent to the children of prisoners who have chosen to have their child sent a Christian book on their behalf. This is an amazing opportunity, to get the good news of Jesus into the hands of 8-16 year-old children, many of whom are in a vulnerable situation themselves. Please keep praying!

Here are some of the boxes of books we delivered (I drove through central London for the first time ever – scary or what!).

Book Parties

Dernier Publishing book party inviteHere’s another fab way YOU can make a difference!

Would you like to:

  • See more Christian books in young people’s hands?
  • Earn a bit of extra cash coming up to Christmas?
  • Have a get-together with your friends and family?

Yes? We’re all set to trial “Book Partiesand would love you to host one! The run up to Christmas is a great time to invite all your friends over, so you can have fun, earn some commission and know you are doing your bit to share the good news with young people while you’re at it. :-)Dernier Publishing books

Here’s how it will work (hopefully, eek!): You order a starter pack from us, with 15 books, (which you will only pay half price for), free bookmarks and leaflets, downloadable invites and order forms . . . have I missed anything? Don’t think so! Oh, FREE shipping!

Although you have to invest in the starter pack, you will only pay £44.92 (RRP £89.85). You can sell these books at the RRP at your party, of course, so get your money back and double it (if you sell them all), or keep them . . . or offer your guests a discount. You will also earn generous commission on each extra book ordered at your party, so the more books you sell, the more commission!

Just think, you may never know the seeds you may sow. From having fun with your friends!

We will start off with quite a high rate of commission, to get these Book Parties off the ground, so the time to act is now! Please contact me if you’re up for giving it a go!

5* Reviews

Rebecca and Jade: Choices, YA novel

They’ve arrived! Real copies at last!

Rebecca and Jade: Choices has received three 5* reviews on Amazon! Congratulations to Eleanor Watkins, who has written this fab new book. If you have teenage girls you need a gift for, who have life choices to make of their own, this is the perfect present. Read more here. It’s a bargain at just £5.99!




Audio booksJanet Wilson

I’m currently recording some of our books as audio books for Torch Trust (for people with sight loss) – this is a new thing for me and I’m struggling a bit with the technology, but I’m getting there slowly. This is James from Torch Trust, who taught me how to use the recording equipment. Torch Trust have kindly agreed to allow us to use the final files ourselves, so I hope to bring audio books out for you at some point – for when you don’t have time to read to your children yourself, or to buy as gifts. 🙂 Please pray for this project!


Ebooks and Kindle Books

Last month I took all our novels off sale in the Amazon kindle store, so I could standardise the layout and add all the books which have never been available as ebooks.

I also recently met up with Neil Wardrope, Digital Director of CLC. We had a good conversation about working together to get Dernier books as ebooks on the CLC website.

Neil Wardrope, Digital Director, CLC

Neil Wardrope, Digital Director, CLC

More and more children are using phones . . . but what are they looking at? What if they had Christian books on their phones to read?

We are now nearly ready to launch all our books as kindle and ebooks. Please pray for this project, too! In theory, we will be able to reach children/young people who are unable to get hold of our paperbacks, especially in countries where Christians are persecuted and/or shipping is difficult. They are also fab to have on phones, tablets and laptops, so young people have something excellent to read.

Watch this space!



Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Revenge of the Flying CarpetRevenge of the Flying Carpet will be with us soon in paperback format. Yay! Brenda, a teacher, gave us this 5* review:

Revenge of the Flying Carpet is an action-packed time travel adventure that maintains an element of intrigue and mystery right to the last page. Paul’s wide-ranging encounters and experiences help him to reflect on some of his real-life issues. An original and challenging read. 9-14s will love it. So did I!”

We are using a new typesetting programme and a new printer for this book, so I would value your prayers that all will go smoothly. Thank you so much.

Christian Resources Together

I am off to this trade event next week, at the Hayes retreat centre, Swanwick, meeting up with Christian booksellers and other Christian publishers. It’s a busy couple of days, but always an excellent time, because we truly are all in this together. Do support your local Christian bookshops, especially in the run up to Christmas. They need our help to keep going, and are a lovely bunch of people!


Janet WilsonCan that be all? Probably not! But will catch up with you all again soon.

Love to you all,


P.S. Don’t forget to contact me to order your Book Party Pack. :-)

Ooops. July’s Newsletter

Oh dear, I forgot to post July’s newsletter, after sending it to subscribers. Sorry! 🙁 Some of it is still relevant, at least, so do have a read!

Getting Books Out of Boxes

A couple of weeks ago I did a stock-take and was horrified at the number of books we still have in boxes, when they should be out there, in children’s hands! I mean, producing books to encourage and inspire is great, but what’s the point of having them in boxes? It’s like the man who buried his talent. Not good.

straw bales

Even as I write this, I can hear the combine harvester and the tractors at work in the field over the road – the harvest has begun! We didn’t know when the farmer would come . . . in the same way, we don’t know when the final harvest will come.

I see the boxes stacked up every day, but seeing the actual numbers in black and white hit home. So, I had a long think, prayed, got some advice, and have:

  1. Set up a book of the month on our Facebook page. I chose Under the Tamarind Tree for July, as it’s a lovely book to give for end of term prizes, is suitable for boys and girls, and would make lovely summer family reading, too. I have been putting up one chapter of the book every day on our Facebook page, so people get a taste for the story, and those who can’t afford to buy the book can read it to their children.

    Under the Tamarind Tree

  2. Started a competition! Please join in! At the top of our Facebook page I have pinned a post where if you share the post, you have the chance to win a copy of Under the Tamarind Tree. Please, please, do share! The more people comment, like and share Facebook posts, the further they go, exponentially, and will help others know what we do. You can find the post here. And you could win a book!
  3. Set up some Facebook ads. Please pray the ads will reach the people who would be interested, if only they knew. And pray for wisdom as I set up the ads, because it’s not easy to get it right.
  4. Started a Sale on our website. This is the first sale we have ever had. I believe the books are worth every penny of the full price, but if it gets the books out of boxes, I’m willing to try the Sale route. Do take a look. Books start at £2.99/copy – please let all your friends know by sharing the link via email, Facebook and twitter. Thank you! 🙂
  5. I have put up a new page on the Dernier Publishing website, about what we do, in an attempt to gain some interest. You can see it here. Do share.

It seems to me that people are sincerely concerned for their young people, and if only they knew our books existed, and how they have changed lives, they would buy them. As you do! 🙂 We need to spread the word.

And don’t forget, you can also buy our books from Christian bookshops.

Share the Wealth

Someone loves the Beech Bank Girls books! “My 10 year old has read the first 2 of these and loved them so much she wanted to get them for her best (non christian) friend for her birthday. She said they would explain to her really well what being a Christian meant. Love my little evangelist! Will get her the others and stock up for her to give away!”

Beech Bank Girls books

Camps and Clubs

Let’s pray for camps and clubs taking place over the summer. They can be life-changing. I went on a Crusader’s (now Urban Saints) holiday to Cumbria when I was about fourteen, and it was hugely helpful to me in my new-found faith. If you would like books for a club/camp you are involved with, to give away to participants, please let me know. I have a soft-spot for camps, and taking a book home means the message goes home with the attendees, to water the seeds you have sown.

The City Kid

The City Kid goes to Uganda! Author Clive Lewis took as many copies of The City Kid as he could manage when he went out to Uganda to visit family recently. He gave several copies to Dickens Zziwa, from Scripture Union Uganda. These books are hugely appreciated, with their life-changing message.

The City Kid in Uganda

If you, or someone you know, is visiting a church or school abroad, could you give them a handful of books to take with them? The young lad in the story gets himself in such a terrible predicament, he wants to end his life, but finds Christ. It’s a gritty, moving story. One of the young lads we know who read it told us, “This is how life really is.”

We are still working on more efficient ways to get our books to Africa. Please pray for this process.

And that’s all for now! Thanks so much for your support,


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the competition to win a copy of Under the Tamarind Tree! And visit our Sale.

P.P.S. Are you a retailer? Happy to give you extra discount on our sale books. Please contact me for more info.

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