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Dernier novels are all written from a Christian perspective.

  • girls readingThey help church schools demonstrate their distinctive Christian character
  • They present Christian themes in an engaging and non-threatening manner
  • They help all pupils reflect on how the Christian faith might work out in practice in their own lives
  • They are great for study groups and book clubs
  • They have high moral values, encourage tolerance, and aim to be inspirational and encouraging
  • They have no denominational bias
  • They all have engaging characters, exciting plots and are great reads!
  • They are also available in large print and Braille versions for pupils with sight loss.

All our newer titles are dyslexia friendly.

Our titles for children 6+ have line illustrations.

We provide downloadable Discussion Questions for all our titles, to help you deliver curriculum requirements and engage children with issues raised in the stories.

* If your school is outside the UK, please contact us.

Reviews From Children:

This is the best book I’ve ever read.” (We’ve had quite a few of these! Church children are delighted and amazed to find their own worldview in a novel, with Christian characters just like them.)

It was epic . . . it helped me understand what life was like as a child in WW1. It reminded me that God is interested in helping us through tough times.”

When I read it, it makes me forget my worries and problems because I get into the book so much. Anyone would enjoy it.”

Cool, interesting, exciting; it was a great book! I liked it that the children were detectives.”

Another brilliant adventure! I really liked the new characters and stories. it taught me that when I’m feeling down, God is trying to show me how to think about him and help others, which will make me feel better again. If we stop to listen to him, he will show us the way.”

I liked this book very much. I think that that overall message from this book is that people from different countries can be friends, that we are all equal and that God does answer prayers such as those of the boy found under the tamarind tree.”

Reviews From Parents And Teachers:

Boy reading Christian book

“The Treasure Hunt will be very good for our juniors to read.  It is an exciting story but also introduces the idea of modern day slavery.  The author has successfully woven the thread of prayer throughout the story, giving children a ‘window’ on the reality of living with the Lord day by day.”

I use the book for further discussion and learning. We have a map of the world on a wall. After each chapter we look for the country in Africa mentioned in the chapter. Then we go on the Internet and look for images and videos of other things mentioned, for example what mangroves look like, oysters, traditional dress in Gambia, village life in Uganda, crocodiles and their nests etc.”

One of my boys was very impressed with the part where the kids killed the snake. He also learned from that book that all children around the world have dreams about the future and he was touched by the hardships and challenges they face.”

Schools have to show they are promoting diversity and giving opportunities for moral and spiritual development so the books are great for both of these, especially since a large number of students no longer attend church. There is also a big emphasis on literacy, of which reading is a major part.


For Readers 6+

Oliver’s Secret

Excellent for children newly arrived from Hong Kong.

Clare has moved house with her family, from China to England, and doesn’t know anyone. She prays for a cat, and Oliver comes through the cat flap, but whose cat is he? Fun first chapter book, with ten short chapters.

Themes: New home/country, loneliness, friendship, prayer.
Olivers Secret

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Nobody’s Dog

Themes: trust, prayer, faithfulness, caring.

Luke is worried about the stray dog in the park. He wants to look after it. It’s not as easy as he thought, but he learns about prayer and trust, as the dog learns to trust him. Another lovely story for 6-8s, with dyslexia friendly text, and line illustrations.

Luke, Mr Bronzovi and Bushy
Nobody's Dog


For Readers 8-11

The Dove Stone

Themes: prayer, faith, friendship, bullying.

Join Doran, Nico, Rhiannon and Wolf on this action-packed adventure about friendship, hatred, facing fears and finding faith, set in post-Roman Britain.

The Dove Stone Book Cover

Deepest Darkness

Perfect for sensitive children, those who enjoy thoughtful books and those who struggle with anxiety. Facing her fears one by one, Abi opens here life to the light and finds a freedom she never thought possible. You can read more here.

Themes: anxiety, fear, panic attacks, night terrors, peace, safety, taking risks, friendship, family, prayer.
Deepest Darkness book from Dernier Publishing

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

Perfect for children who love reading about other cultures. Through a series of adventures, Shema, an eight-year-old Rwandan goatherd from a child-led family discovers that he has a Father in heaven who cares for him. You can read more here.

Themes: education, inequality, opportunity, fear, child-led families, hope, prayer.
Rwanda Book Series

children readingLiving in Hope

The thrilling sequel to I want to be an Airline Pilot. Shema and his friends still have many exciting and dangerous challenges to face. A gentle introduction to the issue of child slavery. You can read more here.

Themes: new start, coercion, deception, lies, honesty, domestic slavery, caring, celebration.

Under the Tamarind Tree

Perfect for children struggling with a change in their life, and to learn about living in a new culture from a child’s perspective. The third book in the “Rwanda” series. Timo and Joshua don’t want to go and live in rural Rwanda, soon make new friends and learn that God knows best. You can read more here.

Themes: racial harmony, equity, caring, prayer, health.

The Treasure Hunt

Great for kids who love exciting mystery stories. Four Christian friends go on a treasure hunt with the church youth club, but while looking for clues they fall into another adventure. A gentle introduction to people trafficking. You can read more here.

Themes: adventure, safety, trafficking, working together, prayer, action.

Girl reading The Treasure Hunt bookMystery in the Snow

Not long after solving their first mystery (The Treasure Hunt), Debbie, Ravi, Lance and Joel find themselves with another problem; Ravi’s shed has been burgled. Join the Christian friends as they find answers in unexpected places. You can read more here.

Themes: adventure, caring, working together, deception, theft, second chances.

The Birthday Shoes

Emily Jane goes on a series of adventures in Africa wearing her magic shoes, making friends and some exciting discoveries about God and crocodiles along the way! You can read more here.

Themes: African adventure, school work, disability, equality, gratitude, faith.

A Pennyworth Of Peppermints

A spy story set in WW1. Two lads find a message in a bottle; what does it mean? Exciting story with fascinating background to what life was like for children in the Great War. You can read more here.

Themes: war, fear, poverty, working together, prayer, enemies.
A Pennyworth of Peppermints

For Readers 10-14

A New Me

Jess has many challenges in her life, but when she moves house and joins a church youth club, she begins to find a new way to live. You can read more here.

Themes: alcohol abuse, new start, hope, bullying, family, care for animals.
A New Me Christian book for pre-teens

The Beech Bank Girls Series

Brilliant for helping girls make good life choices.

These four fun stories are written from the viewpoint of six friends who have lots of fun together, but also face all sorts of troubles and disasters! You can read more here.

Themes: friendship, church, belonging, body image, step-families, bereavement, caring, online safety.
Beech Bank Girls

The Only Way

When a mysterious, disaffected teenager meets the beautiful and mysterious Lily, he discovers a new way to live. A brilliantly written novelwith a gripping story. There are allegorical features in this novel on many levels, making it an excellent choice for a class reader. You can read more here.

Themes: racial hatred, mystery, family, bullying, fostering, running away, meaning of life, spirituality.
The Only Way

London’s Gone

London has been bombed by terrorists and three teens have to make their way to safety. Only one of them is a Christian – will it make a difference to the way he reacts to the situation? You can read more here.

Themes: terrorism, fear, flight, danger, prayer.
London's Gone Christian YA novel

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Paul hates his sister, and when he finds a magic carpet in his gran’s loft, he plans revenge… but gets a lot more than he bargained for. You can read more here.

Themes: revenge, faith, mercy, dysfunctional family, hope, forgiveness.

For Readers 13+

Year 0033

Chella has lived all her life in Area IF208. Religion is banned, so Chella is used to keeping her Christian faith a secret. But when her best friend disappears and her fiancé is arrested, a new chapter of her life begins.

Themes: coercive relationships, persecution, danger, choices, consequences, forgiveness, working together.

Year 0033

The City Kid

Gritty story for young adults. John wants to live the high life in the city, but when he gets involved in corruption and his life falls apart, he finds new life. You can read more here.

Themes: corruption, suicide ideation, finances, choices/decisions/consequences.


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Pupils with Sight Loss

Torch Trust* makes all Dernier books available in Braille, audio, large print and giant print versions for children who need extra help to enjoy stories.

They are available in large and giant print (17pt; 20pt; 25pt; & 30pt), audio and Braille format.

We are delighted to provide the text of our books to Torch Trust free of charge. We believe children with sight loss should have the opportunity to enjoy our stories.

For further information please contact us. Or visit the Torch Trust website.

*Torch Trust is a UK charity which works to provide Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people.











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