The City Kid



John Ouma has had enough of village life in the African bush. He’s not interested in religion or pleasing God – he wants independence, money, power and success, and dreams of making it big in the city. When his uncle gets him a job at the Ministry of Technology, John leaves his village and begins to enjoy all the delights the city offers with his fun-loving girlfriend, Rose. But after a brush with death in a dangerous suburb, John is troubled by an old dream of a diamond mine collapsing. Which of his dreams will come true?

The City Kid is a fast-paced, gripping story of one young man’s journey to finding out what life is really all about.

176 pages

I will definitely recommend to friends.” – Mihalis

Riveting.” – Patrick

Reading this book has strengthened my faith.” – Samuel

Please scroll down to read the first chapter  . . . 🙂

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