The Birthday Shoes


Emily Jane is from a church family but finds Jesus for herself through a series of exciting adventures. We have heard about girls who have decided to follow Jesus after reading this book.

By Mary Weeks Millard

For 8 to 11s / 128 pages

All Emily Jane wants for her birthday is a pair of fashionable boots, but instead she is given old-fashioned, fake crocodile-skin shoes. Alone in her bedroom, Emily Jane tries on the hated shoes. She hopes they might not fit, but discovers instead that they hold an amazing secret! Join Emily Jane as she goes on a series of adventures, making friends and some exciting discoveries about God along the way.

My favourite part was when Emily Jane put on her shoes for the first time and ended up in Africa. It made me feel like I was there!” – Susanna

Scroll down to read the first chapte . . . 🙂

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