At Dernier, we know how important it is to you, to encourage and inspire the next generation to follow Christ.

Our young people are the church of today as well as the church of tomorrow.

The problem is, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to share Christian ideas openly, particularly with children and teenagers.

Our culture is changing, and it’s becoming harder to know what to say, or how to say it, which can leave us feeling frustrated and maybe even a bit scared, if we’re honest.

We are concerned for our young people’s spiritual health, and want to share the love of God, but don’t know how!

This is where Dernier books come in.

Giving a child a Christian book is like taking a child to Jesus!

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By giving your young people exciting stories written from a Christian perspective, the books do the talking for you, in a respectful way, which allows readers to think through issues for themselves.

No pressure!

We believe every young person everywhere should have the opportunity to read excellent, relevant, fun stories written from a Christian perspective, so they can make up their own minds about what they believe.

Want to become a secret children’s/youth worker?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • 1. Write a list of children you’d like to share good news with
  • 2. Order them a book each, according to their interests and reading ability
  • 3. Pray for them, as you give out your books.

No need to be frustrated and scared any longer.

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Get the good news into the open – into hands and hearts who desperately need life and light and hope in this dark world.

We’ve had some amazing feedback on our stories – here are three quick quotes:

I would happily read this book over and over again!” – Caitlin

“Another brilliant adventure!” – Matthew

This is the best book I’ve ever read!” – Emily

The Lord is using these books to touch hearts, gently and quietly.

Don’t let yours miss out. Share the light with the ones you love.

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Girl holding Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Why Dernier Publishing?

Janet Wilson started Dernier Publishing when she noticed a lack of fun novels for her own children and youth club kids, written from a Christian perspective.
She says,

Janet Wilson

“As my children reached the age when they want to read books for themselves, there were so few excellent, relevant, fun Christian books about, full of exciting stories, but which still held an element of truth and biblical values.

At first, I thought, someone ought to do something about that! 

Then, after my first husband died suddenly, I realised that none of us knows how long we have on this earth… and if the Lord was calling me to do something, I’d better just do it. A huge percentage of Christians take their first steps of faith as children, and books have such a strong part in that. So I set up Dernier Publishing in a corner of my dining room!”

Thousands of children now have Christian books on their shelves (and in their hands!) that they might not otherwise have.

Janet also runs a popular and fun resource for Christians new to writing fiction for kids and teens, called Write for a Reason. You can read more here.

Would you like a speaker at your event?

Janet says, “I love sharing the Dernier vision and encouraging others to use their own gift for writing. Church groups, writing groups, schools or youth clubs: I’d love to come and talk to you. Please contact me! No event too small or large – always glad to be there if I can.”

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