Offer the gift of life!

Not every family and organisation can afford to buy all the books they would like.

This spring we are thrilled to be working with Hebron School, India, to give the children the gift of fabulous Christian books, to encourage and inspire!

Hebron School is a Christian, International, Co-Educational, Residential School, which supports Christian worker children across India and south Asia. Most of the older primary and secondary children are boarders. There is a mix of National and Expat staff, who serve for a sacrificial salary.

The school librarian, Miss Padma Raman, says: “The Libraries (Junior & Senior), find our students naturally drawn towards the magic world of books! Both are used quite extensively for academic purposes but, by and large, for the joy of just browsing through or reading a book. It continues to be most encouraging to see both children of all ages, actively seek out this quiet hub, in the busyness of their day.” She adds, “It can be difficult accessing really good Christian literature.”

If you don’t have children of your own, or perhaps you were a missionary kid yourself, and know the value of good books, or would simply like to give a donation of books for the library in this school (each of which may be read 100s of times!) you can donate any amount via PayPal by clicking the button below. (We will add in some extras!)

Imagine a packet of seeds that takes years to run out! Your gift has the potential to change many lives. Even though many of the children are from Christian families, each one needs to make their own decision to follow Jesus. The books you buy will help towards better literacy, plus the Christian element can sow seeds for eternity… exciting, isn’t it? Who knows what the Lord will do with your books!

Janet Wilson

On behalf of the children, thank you for your help.


Janet Wilson, Dernier Publishing

P.S. We have sent an initial package, along with a volunteer teacher… we can’t wait to hear how the children enjoy the books! When we get some news, we will let you know. 🙂

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