“The overall opinion of this book by the children, and I, is that Living in Hope is absolutely FANTASTIC!! I was actually crying when I read the last page! None of us wanted it to end.” – Liz

Living in Hope

“One of the mums in church phoned me this morning to tell me that her 9 year old son, who has been really struggling with dyslexia, was sitting there reading his book, and was already on the third chapter. First book he’s ever read voluntarily in his life!” – Gill

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

“This book will change you for ever and ever. Its a brilliant riveting story.” – Reuben (I Want to Be an Airline Pilot)

This is the best book I’ve ever read.” – Emily (The Treasure Hunt)

The Only Way is a moving, fast paced, gripping and genius piece of writing.” – G.P. Taylor


“I just want you to know how amazing your books are!
1.  One girl aged 8 from a very difficult background, came to me on Sunday.  It was her birthday last Thursday.  She was thrilled to bits when she got 3 birthday cards. One from Grandma, one from Kidz Klub, and one from the lady who sponsored her book!* The only thing she asked for  for her birthday was another book like I Want To Be an Airline Pilot. Grandma bought her The Birthday Shoes.  Result: one very happy little girl.
2. One lady who lives 17 miles away from church, came on Sunday.  She came because she had read her son’s book, one of the Treasure Mystery ones.  Her son loves coming to Kidz Klub, and she wanted to see why.
At the end of the service she stayed behind to talk to the preacher, and after a long chat with him, she was born again!  Wow, wow, and wow again!!” – Gill *Church members in Gill’s church sponsor books for children who come to their Kidz Klub.


Living in Hope

I really enjoyed this book because it was simple but written cleverly. I think it is a great idea and it is really gripping. Shema is my favourite character because he finds planes really fascinating. I really like this book and I’d recommend you to read it.” – Alfie.

This book is quite emotional. Although I would say it is a heart-warming story, it shows you how unfortunate some children in Africa are and also how caring they are. It shows how to tackle some heart breaking challenges. Each chapter talks about one particular person at a time, which I find easier to read. Also even though it has no pictures in it, it paints very detailed pictures in your head almost like you were there! Personally I think these kids are very brave. Also what are simple things to us are the most joyful things to them, like gorillas. They go to see gorillas and how their faces light up! How happy they are, is amazing! I think the message in this story is: ‘even in tough situations, God will always make a path for you if you respect and pray to him.'”


Deepest Darkness Christian children's book for 8-11s.

“My son suffers from low self-esteem and anxieties, so I was able to use Abi’s experiences of overcoming her fears, to try to get him to see how he might overcome or build upon small steps like Abi did. Social stories are tools used in school to help him understand some of his emotions so this was a good book for him.” – Caroline [Deepest Darkness]

This story is an excellent book for 8-11 year olds. It starts like a normal story but as you read on you realise how special and different this book is to the normal adventure or comedy. Nobody should be afraid after reading this book to find someone they trust and tell them of their fears. This person might be able to help you and your fear. I think that everybody will be inspired after reading this book. It is a story that shows that everywhere, even in the darkness, is full of light. I think the message is to remember that God is the light from which Jesus came. This is a moving story with an ending that makes tears be washed away and replaced with hope. It is very vivid and when you get into the story you feel you are there.” – Alicia.


A Pennyworth of Peppermints Christian book for 8-11s

I ordered A Pennyworth of Peppermints for my 9 year old who has developed a love of reading over the past 2 years. He’s just finished reading the Harry Potter series, so I was a little apprehensive about what to give him next! I ordered this as it was a war/spy theme, which I thought would spark his imagination. Well I would say it was a hit! He started it 3 days ago, and this morning said “It was amazing!”, he’s already finished it, and was singing it’s praises saying how detailed the story was, and when I asked him if he would review it, he said, “It’s amazing, it’s an adventure story with spies and lots of twists and turns.” I thought you’d like to have some children’s feedback! Feel free to quote him (Josiah/Joe aged 9) and he’s looking forward to reading The Treasure Hunt next.” – Bethan

“When I was reading this book, it felt like I was actually in the story! I like how it is a fiction book, but it still has a glossary. The glossary was really interesting because you could find out about words from the war for example “ration”. It was really exciting. I was quite scared that Ben was going to get lost in London after the Zeppelin raid. I was relieved when he found Molly and David. The story is amazing because I’m learning about the war at school and there are even recipes in the book.” – Grace


The Only Way

You don’t often find a book like this.
It walks that fine line between our world today and a whole other spiritual world. It offers depth and hope to kids who are struggling.
It will appeal to a wide range of readers.
Brilliant!” – Brenda

I thought the teenage boy was very convincingly portrayed. The author had a good knowledge of teenage psyche and language. The treatment of the gypsies, and especially of the girl – Was she gypsy was she angel ? – was very moving. I thought that this book could well appeal to a non-Christian child or teenager and open them up to the possibility of a God who cares about us. It may also speak to a youngster from a Christian home, struggling with whether to buy into Her/his parents’ faith.” – Roy


Revenge of the Flying Carpet Christian children's book from Dernier Publishing

I found it a brilliant captivating story. A story which includes good biblical truths about forgiveness, mercy and being a follower of Christ. I really enjoyed reading it and couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter!” – Naomi (15)

“Revenge of the Flying Carpet is an action-packed time travel adventure that maintains an element of intrigue and mystery right to the last page. Paul’s wide-ranging encounters and experiences help him to reflect on some of his real-life issues. An original and challenging read.
9-14s will love it. So did I!” – Brenda

I enjoyed the book and found it very engaging. When Paul was thinking of pushing Trinity off the carpet, it was quite funny. I understood from it the importance of forgiveness.” – Reuben


The City Kid front cover

This book was thought provoking, because this is how life really is. Reading this book [The City Kid] has strengthened my faith.” – Samuel

I found The City Kid personally challenging as well as an entertaining story. This is a fast-moving story of an ambitious young African man, who is willing to bend the rules a little if that advances his career. He seizes an unexpected opportunity for promotion, only to find that there are strings attached. His life goes along paths he didn’t intend to follow until suddenly his world starts falling apart. When he reaches the point of complete despair, another surprise is in store. This tale, which will especially appeal to younger teens, is as challenging as it is entertaining, and vividly portrays the temptations of the professional world, but reminds us that God’s love can reach us in the darkest place. – Edwin


A New Me Christian book for pre-teens

I really love the book ‘A New Me’. I couldn’t stop taking my eyes off it. I couldn’t wait to know what would happen in the next chapter. I would recommend the book to anybody. I learned that God is with you wherever you go and that you should believe in him. Roy is a very good author and I love his book. I hope you will too. ” – Peace

“My daughter Ellie has read your book [A New Me] (in 2 sittings!) and wrote this: “This book is amazing!! It shows you that through hard times all you need to do is trust in God. Jess was living in a difficult situation, she was surrounded by Christian friends and even though her parents and brother were not Christians she put her trust in God. I’m glad that she decided to put her trust in God. I definitely recommend the book.” – Ellie. (12) I asked Ellie who her favourite character in the book was, and she replied: “Aidan as he is not ashamed of his beliefs and is not afraid of what people think about him because he has put his trust in God.” – Michelle


Children reading Dernier books

“I gave the books to the children I work with on a Wednesday. Noah (9) said ‘Hey! This is a Christian book!’ with a big smile on his face.”


My niece, aged 15, not overly academic, read one of your books right through last night and loved it. I think it’s the first time in her life that she’s read a whole book from choice! Must be good!” – Gill


“Beech Bank Girls is a very interesting book, dealing with a whole number of situations encountered by teenage girls. It portrays well the struggles that girls have and at the same time helps to show what to do in each situation. I would recommend this book as I really enjoyed it and found it helpful at the same time.” – Claire

My 10 year old has read the first 2 of these [Beech Bank Girls Books] and loved them so much she wanted to get them for her best (non Christian) friend for her birthday. She said they would explain to her really well what being a Christian meant. Love my little evangelist! Will get her the others and stock up for her to give away!”


The Treasure Hunt will be very good for our juniors to read. It is an exciting story but also introduces the idea of modern day slavery.  The author has successfully woven the thread of prayer throughout the story, giving children a ‘window’ on the reality of living with the Lord day by day.” – Miss Sally Bolton


The City Kid

“This book [The City Kid] was thought provoking, because when it all went wrong for the main character and life didn’t work out how he expected it to, it was easy to relate, because this is how life really is. A moment that particularly stood out was John’s re-occurring dream about being trapped in the mineshaft, but when he finds God his dream changes and he is gently lifted out into the light. I felt that reading this book has strengthened my faith.” – Samuel (17) Samuel’s mum added: “I actually feel quite choked after talking to Sam about the book, as it has really seemed to help him at what is a quite difficult time in his own life. I am really pleased that he has read it.”


“Under the Tamarind Tree is a very good book about how two people from different countries become friends. Ishimwe is a girl aged twelve who looks after her brothers whilst also selling clothes in the market, whereas Sam is a more adventurous boy who likes playing football with his friends. I liked how is was set in a different country, which reminded me of our school play, Peace Child. I liked this book very much. I think that that overall message from this book is that people from different countries can be friends, that we are all equal and that God does answer prayers such as those of the boy found ‘Under the Tamarind Tree.'” – Lottie


The Birthday Shoes is a very good book for eight to eleven year olds. In the story a girl called Emily Jane meets some people in Africa with the help of her magic shoes. At the end of the book Emily Jane becomes a Christian. I would quite happily read this book over and over again!” – Caitlin


I just wanted to tell you how much Joe and I are enjoying reading ‘I want to be an airline pilot’!! I’m reading it to him at bedtime and he’s really enjoying it – his favourite book so far!! And he’s read lots of books! He loves the bits about Rwanda that he’s learning and his bedtime prayers are full of thanks for all his blessings. We’ve had some really good chats following on from each chapter too. Each chapter he tried to persuade me to read on so he can find out what happens next – and not just delaying bedtime, he’s genuinely wanting to keep going!!! – just wanted to encourage you!! You are making a big difference, 1 book at a time, 1 child at a time. – Jenny


Mystery in the Snow

“I think that Mystery in the Snow is an amazing Christian story full of adventure, surprise and amazing discovery. In my mind I think that anyone who likes adventure books will absolutely love this book. In this series there is also a book called The Treasure Hunt. I would recommend that too.”

“I really enjoyed reading Mystery in the Snow because I like mystery and Christian books and found this one very exciting, adventurous and mysterious. I like how it teaches that when people pray and obey God they can make a difference in other people’s lives. I think it is good having the same characters as the first book and how they always pray for help in what they should do. This story would appeal to people who like adventure and mystery books and to non-Christians to teach them about how “prayer is to bring us closer to God” and how to pray in all situations and also it is good for young Christians to lead them further in their Christian lives. I hope you write more.” – Emma


London's Gone Christian YA novel

“What a great idea to make the U.K. the site of devastation. It brought the issues that we hear about in the news suddenly and uncomfortably much closer to home. I think you did this very realistically. Your characters were three dimensional and believable; their struggles were realistic. Their relationship issues were very relevant to teenage life. I think you revealed the dark characters and issues enough to show that evil is really evil, but not inappropriately for the age group; which is quite a hard balance to get. The Christian content was woven naturally into the story and you gave a clear explanation of the gospel. Arthur was a nice illustration of Christian character and showed the difference Christ can make in a young person’s life.” – Sandy

I thought [Rebecca and Jade: Choices] was really very good. It sensitively covered issues facing teens today including pregnancy, relationships, friendship and support. I loved the fact that Jade kept the baby and seeing the maternal feelings grow, as she softened, matured and allowed herself to become vulnerable. I thought Becca’s journey to finding her own relationship with Jesus was brilliantly covered. It gave me a good opportunity to open up the subject of abortion with my daughter we had a really good chat. She’s got someone in her year whose pregnant (at 15) and who is keeping the baby. I’m so happy she didn’t choose abortion!” – Jo

“What a fantastic book – I pray this will impact hundreds of young girls.  It is an issue more prevalent today than ever before, and Eleanor Watkins had dealt with it in a sensitive, caring, yet realistic way, without compromising the storyline.” – Eleanor


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