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The Dove Stone Book Cover

The Dove Stone

I read The Dove Stone in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. The short chapters and pace mean this would be great for a whole class read. It would also be a lovely gift for a child exploring their own faith. The setting in the post Roman era adds interest and there is some wonderful description and language to add effect. This gentle approach to introducing children to Christianity is both respectful and clear in its message. Good triumphing over evil is a theme throughout the book., whilst tacking the important theme of bullying makes it relevant for all children today. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series.” – Claire, Primary School Headteacher

“What a brilliant read! I think it’s a fantastic historical novel, especially for anyone who has studied the Romans or has an interest in British history and is just starting their journey as a Christian. The drama throughout the book meant it was a real page turner and the way in which the characters were introduced and developed meant it was easy to visualise them and picture their experiences throughout the story.” Louise, Junior School Teacher

“I think The Dove Stone is inspiring because it shows that even thousands of years ago, God was listening.” – Ellen


Olivers Secret

Oliver’s Secret

For 6-8s

Oliver’s Secret is a good book because it’s a story all about cats. It’s also good because it’s a mystery that you have to figure out, it’s the right amount of drama and suspense at the right time. I would recommend it to all of my friends.” – Cerys, aged 8.

“I absolutely love the book! I would love to read more like this. I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but smile all the way through. Great book! The best bit was the end. – Briony

“Some recent feedback from my family. American granddaughter (7 going on 28) says it’s probably the best book she’s ever read; she read it herself several times, asked for copies to give her friends, and is now reading it aloud to her parents. My 6 1/2 year old great-niece loved it, too. She is now getting through some of my other books and thinks I am a better writer than Julia Donaldson (high praise indeed!)” – author Eleanor Watkins


Nobody's Dog

Nobody’s Dog

For 6-8s

“We have just started to read this to our girls age 3 , 6, 11 and 14. I started to read it to the 6 and 11 year old but as the 14 year old shares a room with them she listened as well. This morning they were all talking about it and my 9 year old boy now wants to read it as well, and today they wanted me to carry on reading instead of just the normal 2 chapters, the 3 year old loved it tonight as well and they all can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. It’s a fantastic story for all ages.” – Gillian

“The 10 year old daughter of a customer of ours is an avid reader, and he has bought lots of books for her over the past few months. He also has 2 younger sons – 8 & 6 I think, maybe a bit younger, and we had had a long conversation about books for them, particularly the older one who has never “got” reading! I Having found out a bit more about the boys, I suggested Nobody’s Dog as an option.  A week before Christmas, our customer rang me to order some more books as Christmas presents, and said that his son couldn’t put Nobody’s Dog down! He said it is the first book that they haven’t been able to drag him away from – even for food!” – Ali (Christian Bookshop Manager)


Year 0033

Year 0033

YA Fiction

“I sat down and read Year 0033 all at one go, after promising myself I wouldn’t. It was that good! Beside the heart-pumping action, I especially loved how the Christian faith and God’s presence were so well told as part of the story.” – Karen

“I finally finished Year 0033, I was savouring it and not wanting it to come to the end, it brought a tear to my eye.” – Jacky

“Year 0033 is a gripping, beautifully written tale exploring a world many years in the future when religion is banned and the majority of people are divided up into social orders where everything seems outwardly safe and managed, but no one is truly free. Chella is a young woman who has recently got engaged to Jedan. The story explores Chella and Jedan’s adventures as they escape from the community that they are forced to live in to find the Old (and of course, free) Church, along with Amma and her grandchild, Mikiaih. It’s one of those stories where you’re constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. The twists and turns of the plot are always surprising you, with the emotional and spiritual journey of faith and fear paralleling the physical journey they take. Highly recommended for YAs as well as adults.” – Katherine


I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

for 8-11s

“This book will change you for ever and ever. Its a brilliant riveting story.” – Reuben

“This is a great book about God helping a young boy named Shema with his tricky village life. My favourite part of this book was when Shema met the medicine man because it really shows how God can help you in tricky situations. This book is great for 7-11s who love a good, intriguing and adventurous story.”

“Based on the author’s experience of living in Rwanda, yet sensitively written for younger readers, this book and its’ sequels are great little stories with plot lines that really draw you in and make for a good read. They also help children to realise how different life can be for children in other cultures. The Christian content is appropriate for the setting. I highly recommend them.” Brenda

“A thrilling adventure story about three orphans dream coming true when their prayers were answered and a house was provided. I enjoyed when they fought the poisonous snake outside the school without killing themselves. Good descriptions and imagery painting a vivid picture of what happened in your own mind. The dangerous medicine man made Shema work hard and suffer, making me realise how hard life was for children in these times.” – Jonathan


The Treasure Hunt Front Cover

The Treasure Hunt

This is the best book I’ve ever read.” – Emily

The Treasure Hunt will be very good for our juniors to read. It is an exciting story but also introduces the idea of modern day slavery.  The author has successfully woven the thread of prayer throughout the story, giving children a ‘window’ on the reality of living with the Lord day by day.” – Miss Sally Bolton

“This has all the ingredients of a fantastic adventure story. With four children and a dog, it was as enjoyable and exciting as the Famous Five books that I read as a child. The children all go to a Christian youth club so they stop to pray about some of the challenges and situations they face. This gives a Christian ‘flavour’ to the book without dominating it, making it suitable for a wide range of cultures.” – Brenda

“Four young friends and a small dog become involved in a mystery when two of them miss a clue in their Youth Club’s treasure hunt: they hear a voice in the back of a lorry being driven into a warehouse on an industrial estate although it is evening. When the two share their concerns with their friends they are not sure what to do, or whether grownups will believe their story. The next morning in the school playground they discuss their lingering fears and decide to pray for guidance. After this the story becomes really exciting, and you have to keep turning the pages right to the end. Topical, possible, and very readable. Ideal for 8 -11s.” – Mary


The Only Way

For 10-14s

The Only Way is a brilliant fun to read book which determines how much God can really help you with in difficult times. The Only Way is about a boy who meets a girl which he then is able to overcome his history with another friend and to stop his parents from trying to kill his friend’s mother. I think this book is great for people who don’t get scared about gory things and also people who like some action. 11 – 13s I think would love this book.” – Joel

The Only Way is a moving, fast paced, gripping and genius piece of writing.” – G.P. Taylor (New York Times bestselling author)

“Wow! You don’t often find a book like this. It walks that fine line between our world today and a whole other spiritual world. It offers depth and hope to kids who are struggling. It will appeal to a wide range of readers. Brilliant!” – Brenda

I thought the teenage boy was very convincingly portrayed. The author had a good knowledge of teenage psyche and language. The treatment of the gypsies, and especially of the girl – Was she gypsy was she angel ? – was very moving. I thought that this book could well appeal to a non-Christian child or teenager and open them up to the possibility of a God who cares about us. It may also speak to a youngster from a Christian home, struggling with whether to buy into Her/his parents’ faith.” – Roy


A Pennyworth of Peppermints

A Pennyworth of Peppermints

for 8-11s

“I really enjoyed A Pennyworth of Peppermints. It had a very good backstory and was a very intriguing book that I couldn’t stop reading. This book is about a boy in World War 2 who finds a letter about a spy sneaking into their town. He and his friends form a detective company which was meant to catch spies. Will they manage to catch them? I recommend this book for people who love books with action and also who love books about the past.” – Joel

“I really liked how they had slates at school and it made me realise how lucky we are because they had to grow their own food and didn’t have many toys or books. The Bible was Ben’s first ever book! I really liked the rhyme ‘Count your blessings’, too.”

I have just finished reading ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’. It is a while since I enjoyed a book so much. I found it so exciting that I didn’t want to put it down.

“It was epic….. It helped me understand what life was like as a child in WW1….. It reminded me that God is interested in helping us through tough times.” Florence

I ordered A Pennyworth of Peppermints for my 9 year old who has developed a love of reading over the past 2 years. He’s just finished reading the Harry Potter series, so I was a little apprehensive about what to give him next! I ordered this as it was a war/spy theme, which I thought would spark his imagination. Well I would say it was a hit! He started it 3 days ago, and this morning said “It was amazing!”, he’s already finished it, and was singing it’s praises saying how detailed the story was, and when I asked him if he would review it, he said, “It’s amazing, it’s an adventure story with spies and lots of twists and turns.” – Bethan


Living in Hope

Living in Hope

For 8-11s

“This book is quite emotional. Although I would say it is a heart-warming story, it shows you how unfortunate some children in Africa are and also how caring they are. It shows how to tackle some heart breaking challenges. Each chapter talks about one particular person at a time, which I find easier to read. Also even though it has no pictures in it, it paints very detailed pictures in your head almost like you were there! Personally I think these kids are very brave. Also what are simple things to us are the most joyful things to them, like gorillas. They go to see gorillas and how their faces light up! How happy they are, is amazing! I think the message in this story is: ‘even in tough situations, God will always make a path for you if you respect and pray to him.'”

“The overall opinion of this book by the children, and I, is that Living in Hope is absolutely FANTASTIC!! I was actually crying when I read the last page! None of us wanted it to end.” – Liz

“This book is a great sequel to ‘I want to be an airline pilot’ with even more intriguing adventures, tricky situations and scary problems. I really enjoyed this book because I really like stories that pull you in and this was definitely one of them. My favourite part of this story was when Frida returned because it really showed that God can answer prayers. This book is great for children from the age of 7-12.” – Joel


Deepest Darkness Christian children's book for 8-11s.

Deepest Darkness

Denise Hayward

“My son suffers from low self-esteem and anxieties, so I was able to use Abi’s experiences of overcoming her fears, to try to get him to see how he might overcome or build upon small steps like Abi did. Social stories are tools used in school to help him understand some of his emotions so this was a good book for him.” – Caroline [Deepest Darkness]

This story is an excellent book for 8-11 year olds. It starts like a normal story but as you read on you realise how special and different this book is to the normal adventure or comedy. Nobody should be afraid after reading this book to find someone they trust and tell them of their fears. This person might be able to help you and your fear. I think that everybody will be inspired after reading this book. It is a story that shows that everywhere, even in the darkness, is full of light. I think the message is to remember that God is the light from which Jesus came. This is a moving story with an ending that makes tears be washed away and replaced with hope. It is very vivid and when you get into the story you feel you are there.” – Alicia.

“Deepest Darkness is a brilliant book that shows nothing is dark when God’s around. Abi is a 10-year-old girl who’s easily scared about the world around her, but then when she goes on her holiday to Canada, she meets Nic who is a very fearless person. He helps Abi to overcome her fears – especially when her Dad goes missing in the woods. I thought it was a really interesting book which seemed appropriate for 10-14s.” (J, aged 11)


Revenge of the Flying Carpet Christian children's book from Dernier Publishing

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

For 10-14s

I found it a brilliant captivating story. A story which includes good biblical truths about forgiveness, mercy and being a follower of Christ. I really enjoyed reading it and couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter!” – Naomi (15)

“Revenge of the Flying Carpet is an action-packed time travel adventure that maintains an element of intrigue and mystery right to the last page. Paul’s wide-ranging encounters and experiences help him to reflect on some of his real-life issues. An original and challenging read.
9-14s will love it. So did I!” – Brenda

I enjoyed the book and found it very engaging. When Paul was thinking of pushing Trinity off the carpet, it was quite funny. I understood from it the importance of forgiveness.” – Reuben

“An exciting adventure which had my 11-year-old gripped! I love the way Dernier books take kids on exciting journeys, whilst also dealing with some very real emotions and situations that they might be going through in real life. Paul and Trinity are twins – who don’t get on – and together they find a magic carpet. As they fly off on it, the carpet reveals some uncomfortable truths to them, adventure by adventure. This book talks about forgiveness and reconciliation, and would be wonderful for an 8-12 year old who is thinking about these issues.”


The City Kid

The City Kid

YA Fiction

“This book was thought provoking, because when it all went wrong for the main character and life didn’t work out how he expected it to, it was easy to relate, because this is how life really is. A moment that particularly stood out was John’s re-occurring dream about being trapped in the mineshaft, but when he finds God his dream changes and he is gently lifted out into the light. I felt that reading this book has strengthened my faith.” – Samuel (17)

I actually feel quite choked after talking to my son who read the book, as it has really seemed to help him at what is a quite difficult time in his own life. I am really pleased that he has read it.”

“I found The City Kid personally challenging as well as an entertaining story. This is a fast-moving story of an ambitious young African man, who is willing to bend the rules a little if that advances his career. He seizes an unexpected opportunity for promotion, only to find that there are strings attached. His life goes along paths he didn’t intend to follow until suddenly his world starts falling apart. When he reaches the point of complete despair, another surprise is in store. This tale is as challenging as it is entertaining, and vividly portrays the temptations of the professional world, but reminds us that God’s love can reach us in the darkest place.” – Edwin


A New Me Christian book for pre-teens

A New Me

For 10-14s

I really love the book ‘A New Me’. I couldn’t stop taking my eyes off it. I couldn’t wait to know what would happen in the next chapter. I would recommend the book to anybody. I learned that God is with you wherever you go and that you should believe in him. Roy is a very good author and I love his book. I hope you will too. ” – Peace

“My daughter Ellie has read your book [A New Me] (in 2 sittings!) and wrote this: “This book is amazing!! It shows you that through hard times all you need to do is trust in God. Jess was living in a difficult situation, she was surrounded by Christian friends and even though her parents and brother were not Christians she put her trust in God. I’m glad that she decided to put her trust in God. I definitely recommend the book.” – Ellie. (12) I asked Ellie who her favourite character in the book was, and she replied: “Aidan as he is not ashamed of his beliefs and is not afraid of what people think about him because he has put his trust in God.” – Michelle

“I thought this book was very engaging and it really showed how God can work in our lives. It’s about a girl called Jess and she struggles with tough life issues like bullying and her Dad walking out on the family. When her auntie sends a letter inviting Jess to come and live with her, life changes, especially when she gets invited to a Christian youth club. This book is great for people who like reading about difficult issues, and I recommend it for girls and boys aged 9-13.” Joel

“I gave the books to the children I work with on a Wednesday. Noah (9) said ‘Hey! This is a Christian book!’ with a big smile on his face.”


The Beech Bank Girls

For 10-14s

“My daughter (9) is loving the Beech Bank Girls series. Great reads and fab current issues but lovely Christian interweaves.”

“Beech Bank Girls are very interesting book, dealing with a whole number of situations encountered by teenage girls. They portray well the struggles that girls have and at the same time helps to show what to do in each situation. I would recommend this book as I really enjoyed it and found it helpful at the same time.” – Claire

My 10 year old has read the first 2 of these [Beech Bank Girls Books] and loved them so much she wanted to get them for her best (non Christian) friend for her birthday. She said they would explain to her really well what being a Christian meant. Love my little evangelist! Will get her the others and stock up for her to give away!”

“I really like all that happens in these book especially how they all work together. I think you should read it, and I think that you will enjoy it too!”

“Six teenage girls living their different lives, facing their different problems, all knowing that when they need help they should pray, enjoying a Church Youth Club, and supporting each other through their crisis times… My 13 year-old granddaughter was riveted, and read through all four books about the Beech Bank Girls in the half term week that she stayed with me.” – Rosemary


Under the Tamarind Tree

for 8-11s

Under the Tamarind Tree is a very good book about how two people from different countries become friends. Ishimwe is a girl aged twelve who looks after her brothers whilst also selling clothes in the market, whereas Sam is a more adventurous boy who likes playing football with his friends. I liked how is was set in a different country, which reminded me of our school play, Peace Child. I liked this book very much. I think that that overall message from this book is that people from different countries can be friends, that we are all equal and that God does answer prayers such as those of the boy found ‘Under the Tamarind Tree.'” – Lottie

“One of the mums in church phoned me this morning to tell me that her 9 year old son, who has been really struggling with dyslexia, was sitting there reading his book, and was already on the third chapter. First book he’s ever read voluntarily in his life!” – Gill

“Overall this book has taught me many things, such as how the life in Africa is different compared to England, and how different environments can influence you. No matter how those environments influence you, you will always have God to turn to. I highly recommend this book, it was a great read.” – Abi


The Birthday Shoes

for 8-11s

The Birthday Shoes is a very good book for eight to eleven year olds. In the story a girl called Emily Jane meets some people in Africa with the help of her magic shoes. At the end of the book Emily Jane becomes a Christian. I would quite happily read this book over and over again!” – Caitlin

“I just want you to know how amazing your books are! One girl aged 8 from a very difficult background, came to me on Sunday.  It was her birthday last Thursday.  She was thrilled to bits when she got 3 birthday cards. One from Grandma, one from Kidz Klub, and one from the lady who sponsored her book!* The only thing she asked for her birthday was another book like I Want To Be an Airline Pilot. Grandma bought her The Birthday Shoes.  Result: one very happy little girl. – Gill

“I have been reading The Birthday Shoes to my foster girls. They absolutely LOVE it and they can’t wait each time we will read a chapter.” – Michelle

“I greatly enjoyed this. It showed a first-hand knowledge of Africa. It was easy to identify with Emily Jane and her growing understanding of the difficult circumstances faced by African children. The growing spiritual perception of her friend, Jenna, was convincing.  The twists and turns in the story kept it moving forward at a lively pace.” – Roy (grandad)


Mystery in the Snow

Front cover Mystery in the Snow

for 8-11s

“I think that Mystery in the Snow is an amazing Christian story full of adventure, surprise and amazing discovery. In my mind I think that anyone who likes adventure books will absolutely love this book. In this series there is also a book called The Treasure Hunt. I would recommend that too.”

“I really enjoyed reading Mystery in the Snow because I like mystery and Christian books and found this one very exciting, adventurous and mysterious. I like how it teaches that when people pray and obey God they can make a difference in other people’s lives. I think it is good having the same characters as the first book and how they always pray for help in what they should do. This story would appeal to people who like adventure and mystery books and to non-Christians to teach them about how “prayer is to bring us closer to God” and how to pray in all situations and also it is good for young Christians to lead them further in their Christian lives. I hope you write more.” – Emma

“One lady who lives 17 miles away from church, came on Sunday. She came because she had read her son’s book, one of the Treasure Mystery ones. Her son loves coming to Kidz Klub, and she wanted to see why. At the end of the service she stayed behind to talk to the preacher, and after a long chat with him, she was born again! Wow, wow, and wow again!!” – Gill


London's Gone Christian YA novel

London’s Gone

For 10-14s

“What a great idea to make the U.K. the site of devastation. It brought the issues that we hear about in the news suddenly and uncomfortably much closer to home. I think you did this very realistically. Your characters were three dimensional and believable; their struggles were realistic. Their relationship issues were very relevant to teenage life. I think you revealed the dark characters and issues enough to show that evil is really evil, but not inappropriately for the age group; which is quite a hard balance to get. The Christian content was woven naturally into the story and you gave a clear explanation of the gospel. Arthur was a nice illustration of Christian character and showed the difference Christ can make in a young person’s life.” – Sandy

“I thought London’s Gone was one of the easiest to read, page-turning books I have ever read. It was about two sisters who discovered what war was really like and then when they tried to get to their parents, they must overcome lots of challenges. I think this book would be really good for 11-year olds who enjoy some action and adventure.”

“I just couldn’t put this book down,” – Gilly


Rebecca and Jade: Choices

YA fiction

I thought [Rebecca and Jade: Choices] was really very good. It sensitively covered issues facing teens today including pregnancy, relationships, friendship and support. I loved the fact that Jade kept the baby and seeing the maternal feelings grow, as she softened, matured and allowed herself to become vulnerable. I thought Becca’s journey to finding her own relationship with Jesus was brilliantly covered. It gave me a good opportunity to open up the subject of abortion with my daughter we had a really good chat. She’s got someone in her year whose pregnant (at 15) and who is keeping the baby. I’m so happy she didn’t choose abortion!” – Jo

“What a fantastic book – I pray this will impact hundreds of young girls.  It is an issue more prevalent today than ever before, and Eleanor Watkins had dealt with it in a sensitive, caring, yet realistic way, without compromising the storyline.” – Eleanor


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