The Only Way

The Only Way


By Gareth Rowe

For ages 12+/144 pages

When a miserable, disaffected teenager meets the beautiful and mysterious Lily, he discovers a new way to live, The Only Way. Later, when Lily’s life is in danger, he is willing to risk everything to save her, but time and circumstances are against him. How can he live, if she doesn’t survive?

“The Only Way is a moving, fast paced, gripping and genius piece of writing. A ‘must read’ for everyone.” – G.P. Taylor, New York Times best-selling author.

“The girl is mysterious and it’s good that you don’t know much about her. The boy has quite a hard life; I liked the bet where he had to live off the land. The Christian side of the book is subtle; I think it would be helpful to someone who is unsure about their faith. This is a very good book.” – George

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Chapter One

Did you ever feel like you were getting it all wrong? Not just when you told a lie to get yourself out of trouble. Not just when you upset someone because you didn’t really care how they felt. But always? Did you ever feel like even when you tried to get it right you ended up getting it wrong? Like your friends were getting it wrong as well – and your parents too. Like all the crazy people on the news were getting it so badly, so unbelievably wrong. Yeah? Me too. Well guess what . . . you’re right. There is a better way. And this is the story of how I found it.



The Only Way

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