We provide charities and missions with exciting children’s books, written from a Christian worldview, to enhance your work, and be a voice when you’re not there.

The books you give away will be with them to reinforce your message of the love of God even after they’ve gone home.

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10 Reasons to Give Christian Books to Kids (Not boring books! Excellent, relevant stories they will love to read over and over again):

  • They carry on where you have left off
  • They are they when you are not
  • They can be read by the whole family
  • Books are a non-threatening gift
  • They allow readers to think through issues of faith for themselves…
  • Through an exciting story!
  • We remember stories better than facts
  • But Christian books still contain gospel truth
  • They allow the Holy Spirit to move
  • With your gift, you are alleviating book poverty
  • You are also encouraging church children (and that’s vital for their long-term walk with Jesus)
Dernier books in Rwanda

We produce excellent, relevant, fun stories – for you to get in the hands of the children on your heart!

We can’t afford to be complacent. According to research, 75% of Christians take their first steps of faith when they are young. That’s exciting, but it’s also a challenge!

We need to sow seeds – and our books are making a difference. Here are some reviews:

London’s Gone was one of the easiest to read, page-turning books I have ever read.” – Joel

“I sat and read it in one sitting – stayed up till midnight – couldn’t put it down.” – Joy

I gave them to the children I work with on a Wednesday. Noah (9) said ‘Hey!  This is a Christian book!’ with a big smile on his face.” – Lois

At the end of the day, it’s the Lord who draws hearts to him…

But we are still called to do our bit!

Offering Christian books to children and teens may give you or your colleagues the opportunity to discuss issues raised in the stories, such as prayer, forgiveness, bullying, teenage pregnancy, body image… but even if you don’t get the chance to talk to readers, if you give/send them books, you will be leaving seeds in their hearts, and with prayer, who knows how many will grow up and bear fruit? (Maybe one day you will find out!)

children reading

Our children’s faith is priceless. At the conclusion of the parable of the lost sheep, where the 99 sheep are left grazing safely on the hillside, and the lost sheep is sought and found, Jesus says, “In just the same way, your Father in heaven does not want any of these little ones to perish.”

One day ‘the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord.’

We so want our kids to be there.

If you work with a mission or a charity, and want to bring good news to your children, even when can’t be there yourself, please register your organisation. You will have instant access to a coupon code worth 20% off every book you buy on our website*, plus we will keep you informed of new books, offers and competitions.

If you would like to buy large quantities with further discounts, please get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements. We will do everything we can to help you reach out to your young people!

Not sure what to choose?

Here are some books we would recommend: For families/6-9s year-old readers:

Nobody’s Dog. This exciting story by Eleanor Watkins, is about a stray dog, and Luke and his neighbour, Mr Bronzovi’s, attempt to help. Bit by bit they coax the dog to trust them, but he’s resistant, because he’s been hurt. There are many difficulties, but there’s a happy ending (of course!). Here’s the very end of the story:

“Everything’s worked out just right, hasn’t it, Mr Bronzovi?” said Luke. “For all of us. Now we’ll all live happy ever after, won’t we?”

Mr Bronzovi thought for a moment. Then he said, “We’ll live happy ever after all right. One day, when we’ve lived our lives here and go to live with God in heaven. That’ll be wonderful. But we won’t be going just yet. There’s the rest of our lives here first, and I dare say it won’t all be easy. But we’ve got God to help us.”

“He answered a lot of prayers for us, didn’t he?” said Luke.

“He did,” agreed Mr Bronzovi. “Not always in the way we thought we wanted. But always the right thing in the end, even in the hard things.”

“Will more hard things happen?” asked Luke. The sky was so blue, the sun so warm, and everything had worked out so well that he couldn’t believe they ever would.

“Oh, there’ll be more,” said Mr Bronzovi. “But we’ll get through, with God’s help. Learning to trust him, a bit more each time.”

Luke thought about this, sitting on the grass and looking at Bushy, who had already forgotten where he had buried the bone and was sniffing around for the place.

“Like Bushy learnt to trust us,” he said. “A bit more each time. When he was nobody’s dog.”

“Tak,” said Mr Bronzovi. [Mr Bronzovi is Polish!]

This really is a fabulous story!

The Treasure Hunt by J. M. Evans (for families/children 8-12)

All kids love mystery adventure stories, especially when baddies get their come-uppance! This gripping story, the first in a series, features four kids from a church youth club, who turn detective. On a youth club treasure hunt, Lance and Joel hear noises in the back of a lorry. What is going on? This is a sensitive introduction to people trafficking from a Christian perspective. It also shows that it’s great for kids to be Christian. This story is short but packs in lots of suspense, danger and adventure. It’s a lot of fun – pre-teens love it! We’ve had readers telling us, This is the best book I ever read, and parents telling us, my child doesn’t read, but they read this one!

The City Kid (for teens)

John Uma wants independence and all the fun life in the city can bring. Girls, bars, night clubs, fast cars… but as his lifestyle gets out of hand and he gets involved in corruption at work, his life spirals downward. This gritty story brings John to the gutter, but a chance encounter with an old Christian friend brings new life. This is a ‘prodigal’ style story which doesn’t shy away from the dark side of life. “This is how life really is,” said one young reader. A chaplain said, “Being a teenager isn’t easy – the pressures to conform, succeed and impress, constantly pull at you from multiple directions. I wholeheartedly commend The City Kid as a book to be given to any teenager.

None of these books are long, so great for reluctant readers. They are also dyslexia friendly.

Don’t let the children you serve miss out on these exciting adventures, that will stay in their minds, long after they’ve finished reading them.

What you need to do now:

  1. Sign up here to get a coupon code for 20% off all individual books across the entire range. (If you need large quantities, get in touch with us for extra help.)
  2. Order your books.
  3. Give them away, knowing you are sowing seeds for eternity; some of which will multiply 30, 60 or even 100 times.

Don’t miss the moment – kids grow up way too fast…

Together in His service,

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson

Director, Dernier Publishing

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