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Christian Children’s Books for Christmas

Christmas is a fun time for most of us, but when the food and drink is gone, the decorations are back in their boxes and all the festivities are over, a Christian book can continue to bring light, life, hope, faith, peace and joy.

To help you choose, pick the age group of the child you want to buy for in the categories above, then scroll through the books and pick the one you  think would best suit. You can read all the first chapters, so you get an idea of the content and writing style! If you need help choosing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 🙂

All Dernier Publishing Christian books for young people

Books to School in Rwanda

Sent off a box of books to Star School in Kigali, Rwanda, this morning! Our connection there is author Mary Weeks Millard, who was instrumental in setting up the school some years ago. The third picture is Mary (The Birthday Shoes, A Pennyworth of Peppermints, I Want to Be an Airline Pilot, Living in Hope and Under the Tamarind Tree) giving a gift of books to the Headmaster a couple of years ago. Please pray this new box will arrive safely!

Dernier Publishing BooksBox of Dernier Publishing Books

Mary Weeks Millard giving Christian books to Star School, Rwanda

Mary Weeks Millard giving Christian books to Star School, Rwanda

Christian Coalition for Education

Dernier Publishing books are getting out and about! On Saturday we had a stand at a Christian Coalition for Education event in Oxford. We met quite a few teachers and headteachers, and we were heartened by the interest shown in our books. One headteacher said, “Why haven’t I heard about you before? These are exactly what we need.” Please pray we will be able to get our books into more schools, to reach children who might not hear the good news any other way – and to encourage our own church children. Thank you!

Christian Coalition for EducationDernier Publishing stand

Violence in Nigeria

You never know where our books are going to go next… this time it’s Nigeria!

I was both delighted and honoured to meet Archbishop Ben Kwashi from Jos (Plateau State) yesterday evening. Archbishop Ben and his amazing wife, Gloria, have 51 children currently living with them. (Yes, that is 51; it’s not a typo!) Most of these children have lost both their parents due to the violence you will have read about in the news.

I asked the Archbishop if he would like some Christian children’s books to take back with him, and he was so enthusiastic! (We had previously sent some samples via a visiting friend.) So we are sending a box of books back with him for the children, for Christmas.

What a privilege.

Archbishop Ben Kwashi

Please pray for the children (many who have lived through traumas we can barely imagine), that as they read the stories, they will find hope and healing in Jesus.

If you would like to give a gift of a book/s, please find the DONATE button on the menu, and we will make sure your gift reaches a child in need. If you would particularly like your book/s to go to Nigeria, please add your request at checkout, and we will make sure your gift reaches these precious children. The Archbishop also runs about 100 schools all over Jos and in the outlying villages, so books are highly valued!

Thank you – standing united together in the body of Christ is a very precious thing. 🙂


Janet Wilson, Director of Dernier Publishing

Christian Bookshops Support Dernier Books

We very much value our relationship with Christian bookshops, and our rep, Peter, who showcases them for us.

This week Peter sent us orders from five different Christian bookshops all over the country (including 10 books to Motherwell in Scotland)!

You can’t help wondering where the books will end up! Christmas gifts, maybe? Please pray for the children/young people who will read them!


Dernier Publishing book orders


Creative Writing

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Christian Children’s Books on Audio

I (Janet Wilson) have been recording A New Me for Torch Trust… sorry it’s not a very good photo, but it wasn’t easy taking a selfie with the book and microphone! We are hoping to bring all Dernier books out in audio versions at some point – in the meantime, we are glad children with sight loss can enjoy all our stories in large print, Braille and audio through Torch Trust. Contact us if you’d like more details. Janet Wilson recording A New Me for Dernier Publishing

Light of the World

A bit more of a personal post today. Janet here, founder of Dernier Publishing – thanks for being here!

I helped at our church Glow Party yesterday evening. We gave a Christian children’s book to each of the children who came (about 35, I think). Most were children from the local community, who came dressed up as witches, ghouls and the like. It was good to share the light with them in games, music and stories! Please pray for good seeds to be sown, in their lives, and also in the lives of their parents. Thank you!

Another encouragement as I was giving out the books: one of our own church girls said she’d really enjoyed reading the Beech Bank Girls and The Only Way. Always rejoice when I hear something like that! You just never know how much a Christian book can touch lives. Why not buy a book today and be a blessing to someone?

candle in the darkness

Today is All Saints Day, and we thank God for all the people who have gone before us, brought us the Word of God in our language, preached and taught the truth, and in some cases given up their earthly lives so we can hear and believe. Now we must do the same for the next generation. 🙂

Janet WilsonBe blessed, and be a blessing!


Christian Books for Young People Going to Christian Bookshops

We are grateful to Christian bookshops all over the UK for stocking our books. Here are some orders ready to go – perhaps they will end up being Christmas presents!

Boxes of Dernier Publishing booksPlease pray the books will be an encouragement to all who read them. If you’d like one of these books for a child/teen on your heart, why not visit your local Christian bookshop? They will be delighted to serve you. 🙂

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