The Dove Stone

The Dove Stone

Available to pre-order soon!

By P. S. Daunton

For 8 to 11s  / pp tbc

This exciting story set in post-Roman Britain is perfect for:

1. Family bedtime stories.

2. Children who love reading about kids just like them, but from a different time in history.

3. School pupils who love exciting stories with a faith element. Discussion questions are available FREE here.

Available to pre-order soon!

Don’t let the children on your heart/in your class miss out. If you want your children to understand God’s love and help when things get tough, invest  in this book.

Torsa is a mean bully, who picks on the weak.

Rhiannon is concerned for her friend, Doran, and his little brother, Nico. But what can any of them do in the face of such arrogant cruelty?

Prayers to their ancient river god aren’t working. Could a meeting with a mysterious man in the woods change everything? Who is the Father God he speaks of?

Join Doran and Rhiannon on this action-packed adventure about friendship, hatred, facing fears and finding faith, set in post-Roman Britain.

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