Book poverty is a very real problem in the UK, and it’s getting worse.

Would your church help?

According to the Literacy Trust research, almost 6% of children said they don’t have a book of their own at home. This figure increases hugely for children who have free school meals.

According to Book Trust research, 1 in 7 parents/carers never read stories to their children. 345,000 primary school children in the UK receive less than 15 minutes of shared reading a week.

Christian books are a brilliant way to encourage and inspire your own church kids (if you are blessed enough to have any), and/or reach out to families you are in contact with.

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Need books now? Click here to see the books! Please do feel free to contact us if you would like help choosing a book for your particular needs, eg to give to families you are helping with food aid or children’s clubs, uniformed organisations or youth clubs.
Don’t let your families miss out.

  • All our books are great for:
  • Church libraries (everyone can get to read the stories – that’s great value!)
  • Gifts to church kids
  • Gifts to the community
children reading

Just want you to know how amazing your books are!

1.  One girl aged 8 from a very difficult background, came to me on Sunday.  It was her birthday last Thursday.  She was thrilled to bits when she got 3 birthday cards.  One from Grandma, one from Kidz Klub, and one from the lady who sponsored her book! The only thing she asked for her birthday was another book like “I Want To Be an Airline Pilot.” Grandma bought her “The Birthday Shoes.”  Result: one very happy little girl.

2. One lady who lives 17 miles away from church, came on Sunday.  She came because she had read her son’s book, one of the Treasure Mystery ones.  Her son loves coming to Kidz Klub, and she wanted to see why. At the end of the service she stayed behind to talk to the preacher, and after a long chat with him, she was born again!  Wow, wow, and wow again!!”

  • Gill (Lincolnshire)

Treat your kids to exciting adventures with new friends just like them, and watch their faith grow…

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