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Treasure Chest


18 Dernier Publishing Books in one Fabulous Treasure Chest! SAVE on the price of buying the books individually.

The ‘treasure chest’ (sturdy box with magnetic clasp) is filled with treasures of eternal value…. all you pay for is the books! 🙂

Why not buy one to keep at home, or for your church, or for your Boys and Girls’ Brigade/children’s youth group meetings? You can then lend out the books, and borrowers can choose the one they want to read. So lots of children can enjoy these fun stories and feed their spirits at the same time – children who may not have access to Christian books any other way!

Perhaps your church might buy a treasure chest, or a group you belong to sponsor one for a foster family or a children’s club… or even to give away at an event to bless families?

Perhaps your church, or a group you belong to, might sponsor a chest?

Stories change the way we view the world – don’t let your children miss out.

The whole package is £99.99, so it is excellent value (the chest contains 18 titles).

It really is treasure in dark places. Buy yours here.

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We are currently offering a Treasure Chest of 18 Dernier Publishing paperbacks for just £99.99!  SAVE on the price of buying the books individually PLUS receive the beautiful treasure box with magnetic clasp (worth £14.99) completely FREE.

Right now, children need fun stories. They also need to know the love of God!

Investing in this Treasure Chest of Books will enable you to bring life, hope and joy to the children on your heart – family, church family, Sunday School, neighbours and friends.

Each Treasure Chest of Books will contain 18 different titles from the following:

The four books in the Beech Bank Girls series

These four fun stories are written from the viewpoint of six friends who have lots of fun together, but also face all sorts of troubles and disasters! You can read more here.

Nobody’s Dog

Our new, illustrated title for 6-8s. Luke learns about prayer, faith and trust as he reaches out to a stray dog in the park. You can read more here.

A New Me

Jess comes from a broken home and needs a new start. Everything looks hopeless until she moves home and joins the church youth club… You can read more here.

Deepest Darkness

Facing her fears one by one, Abi opens here life to the light and finds a freedom she never thought possible. A gripping adventure story, perfect for any child who struggles with anxiety. You can read more here.

The Only Way

When a mysterious, disaffected teenager meets the beautiful and mysterious Lily, he discovers a new way to live. A brilliantly written novel. There are allegorical features in this novel on many levels. You can read more here.

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Living in Hope

Shema and his friends still have many exciting and dangerous challenges to face in their new home in Rwanda. A gentle introduction to the issue of child slavery. You can read more here.

Under the Tamarind Tree

Perfect for children struggling with a change in their life, and to learn about living in a new culture from a child’s perspective. The third book in the “Rwanda” series, but still a great book to read in its own right. Timo and Joshua don’t want to go and live in rural Rwanda, but learn that God knows best. You can read more here.

London’s Gone

London has been bombed by terrorists. Three teens have to make their way to safety. Only one of them is a Christian – will it make a difference to the way he reacts to the situation? You can read more here.

girl reading

Oliver’s Secret

Claire has moved from China to England with her family and feels lonely. She prays for a cat, and one comes through the cat flap! But who is he, and where does he come from? A fun story for 6-8s. You can read more here.

A Pennyworth of Peppermints

This exciting spy story is set in Dorset in WW1. This book captures a little of what life was like for children living through the Great War, and how faith in God can make a difference. You can read more here.

Boy reading A Pennyworth of Peppermints

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Paul has the worst sister in the world and plots revenge, but gets a lot more than he bargained for when he finds a flying carpet in his gran’s loft… You can read more here.

Rebecca and Jade: Choices

Rebecca and Jade are best friends from very different backgrounds. When one of them discovers she is pregnant, choices have to be made. This book looks at life and choices from a Christian perspective. For teens. You can read more here.

Year 0033

A brilliant YA read to inspire your young people. Set in a dystopian future, Chella is part of the underground church, but when her best friend goes missing and her fiancé disappears, a new chapter in her life begins. You can read more here.

The City Kid

Another YA novel. John wants independence and the fast life, until a series of desperate circumstances make him begin to re-think his dreams. A gritty story every teen should read. You can read more here.

The Treasure Hunt

An exciting crime drama for 7-11s, featuring four children from a church youth club! You can read more here.

The Birthday Shoes

Emily Jane is from a Christian family, but realises, while on exciting adventures round Africa, that she needs to ask Jesus into her own life. You can read more here.

The Dove Stone

Set in Post-Roman Britain, this exciting story will thrill your readers. You can read more here.


Please note, you will receive 18 of these titles. If there is a particular title you’d really like included in your treasure chest, please let us know! 🙂
















Treasure Chest