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Easy Reader Bundle

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Buy Nobody’s Dog and Oliver’s Secret and SAVE!

Want to build up your family’s faith? It’s time for some fun Christian bedtime stories!

Your children will want you to read these fun ‘easy reader’ stories to them over and over again.

With 10 short chapters, black and white illustrations and a large, easy to read font, they are excellent for new readers growing in confidence, and as family bedtime/holiday stories to read with the whole family.

They also make beautiful gifts to anyone on the fringes of church life.

Each holds a gentle Christian message wrapped up in an exciting story.

In Nobody’s Dog Luke wants to help the stray dog in the park, but what can he do? When Luke prays, things seem to get worse… does God not care?

In Oliver’s Secret, Claire has moved to the UK from China and is lonely. She prays for a cat and one comes through the cat flap, but who does he belong to?

Spoiler alert: both have happy endings!

Brilliant as presents, prizes, Sunday Schools, book clubs, schools and children’s clubs.

Don’t let your loved ones miss out – bring the joy today!

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