Under the Tamarind Tree


By Mary Weeks Millard

For ages 8 to 11 / 128 pages

Joshua and Timo’s lives are about to change forever. Their fathers are doctors and the boys have to leave their old lives behind to go and live with their families in rural Rwanda. The boys hate the thought of leaving their friends and almost everything they own behind, but soon make friends with Shema and a disabled lad and discover that God knows best. The exciting sequel to I Want to Be an Airline Pilot and Living in Hope.

I liked the story because it was quite adventurous and I learned that we are lucky because we have lots of doctors and hospitals . . . it shows how God helps us in our lives. I would recommend this book to my friends.” – Jaco

I just couldn’t put it down!” – Hannah

Scroll down to read the first chapter . . . 🙂

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