Dernier Publishing books

We can’t stop the trend for online buying, but we would love to support you in your vital ministry, to keep Christian bookshops in our towns and cities, and to reach older children/teens with the good news of Jesus.

Just in case you don’t know us, we publish chapter books for kids and teens, with Christian themes running through exciting stories. Jesus loves the little children, but he loves the older ones as well! They are desperate for light, life, love and hope, and are thirsty for the truth.

Parents and grandparents are desperate for their kids to find life… and a book can bring such joy!

All our books are available to order from KCLCT and Gazelle. Do check them out.

But if you would prefer to order direct from us, please sign up below for a 40% discount coupon code to order from our website.

As soon as you have registered, you will receive a coupon code to give you 40% discount on every order you place direct from us. We will also send you occasional email news and offers.

Please note that this offer is only available for retailers of Christian books.

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