Dear Dernier Friends,

Summer is coming, along with warmer weather and exams!

I hope you are keeping well and enjoyed the coronation of our new King? Pity it rained!

Every season has its good things and struggles, doesn’t it – at least while we wait for the new heavens and the new earth…

One thing is for sure, our children need encouragement and hope right now like never before. Time and time again I hear of one child or teen after another struggling with mental health issues, and I’m sure you have, too. Perhaps even in your own family or church. Even the royal family aren’t exempt… wouldn’t it be great to be able to give the new generation of royal children copies of our books! If you have any ideas how to do this, please do let me know. 🙂

How we need to pray for them all.

If you think a Dernier book might help a child you know, don’t hesitate to order one now, either direct from us, or from your local Christian book shop. A story can reach in and touch our souls like nothing else can – especially when the Holy Spirit is at work!

All our stories are fun, and filled with hope… which will stay with your young readers, long after they put the book down.

Chest of Christian children's books

Worried about offending? All our books are respectful and the message wound in to a good story. If you’re not sure, why not read the book first? If you need any help choosing for a delicate situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you.

Who will reach the children, if you don’t? Your gift could mean life.


We currently have a campaign, reaching out to Christian schools, to let them know about our books. If you are a teacher at a Christian school, or would be interested in books for your school, please sign up here to receive regular offers and discounts.

If you’re not a teacher, please would you pray for this venture? Thank you!

The Birthday Shoes is now Available to Order!

This fabulous book by the popular Mary Weeks Millard, went out of print a couple of years ago, but is now once again available to order! Yaaayyyy!!!!!

Did you love it first time round? This edition is larger, with pictures at the start of every chapter, and has a dyslexia friendly font/layout.

But most importantly, Emily Jane’s adventures will inspire your girls to walk with Jesus.

Get your copies here for all the girls in your life.

You won’t regret it! (Perfect for girls 7-10.)

More Updated Books Coming

Instead of working on new stories, right now we’re working on updating some of our older books. Some have new covers, some don’t, but they all have the same easy-to-read format, pictures at the start of chapters (for younger readers) and a larger size. We want to do everything we can to make the books as attractive as we can, so you can sow them in as many places as you can.

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot won’t have a new cover, but the new edition is looking good!

The Treasure Hunt will be available from 1st July. It’s a really exciting story, which benefits from a fabulous new cover by the talented Katy Hollamby, who is currently also working on Mystery in the Snow. Suspicious Deliveries will follow that – this is a brand new story with the same characters. More about that another time!

The Treasure Hunt Cover

Please do pray for all these projects. The enemy doesn’t want children to be drawn to Jesus.

Before I go, do you have a teen/young adult you’d like to bless? Here’s a review of Year 0033 I found on Amazon:

Wow! Here’s an absolutely brilliant and gripping read, to recommend to your church youth group or purchase for a teenager (or adult) you know!
I won’t give too much away about the story but it’s set in a time where religion is banned for the sake of world peace & the World Council are in charge.
Cella, the heroine, has lived her whole life in Area IF208, one of the many Areas set up by the new World Council after war, famine and plague cause global devastation.
But when Cella’s best friend disappears, her fiancé is arrested and astonishing rumours of people living ‘Outside’ surface, she must decide either to stay put or to risk trying to escape from the only life she’s ever known.
This book is well written and although it’s almost otherworldly, it feels heart-poundingly plausible throughout & very thought provoking! In the uncertain times we live, this book is an invaluable reminder that no matter how dark the night, we need to keep looking upward and trusting in God!” – Tangerina

Year 0033 Book by J. M. Evans

Click here to order your copy.

And that’s all for now! Thank you for the opportunity to support you with good books for your children – the church of today and the church of tomorrow.

Be in touch again soon,


P.S. Don’t forget, you can get all our books from any bookshop. 🙂 Don’t put it off. Your children’s faith is too important.

Janet Wilson
The Ups and Downs of Life
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