August News

Nobody's Dog

As we press on in these difficult times, are you looking for ways to reach out to your neighbours and friends? So many people are looking for the way, the truth and the life, but they don’t know where to find it. Books are a great way to share your faith with gentleness and respect – they allow the reader to make up their own mind, without you having to say anything more than, “I saw this and thought of you.” Particularly when you can’t invite them to a meeting!…

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July News

Nobody's Dog - Luke and Mr Bronzovi

Could you buy books to give to family, to loan to children, for chaplains, for Sunday Schools and groups, to give to neighbours and your children’s friends? Who knows how far your seeds might go, and what fruit might grow? Our church donated Dernier books to families who come to the Community Fridge. People with no previous contact…

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