Dear Friends,

Easter is a time for grateful reflection, as we consider once again the death and victorious resurrection of Jesus. As we buy chocolate and eggs for friends and family, and plan our Easter meals, our hearts turn to those who do not know forgiveness of sin, the freedom we have in Christ, the joy of his living presence with us, the sure and certain hope of final resurrection on the last day.

Would you like to buy books to give the children in your family/church this Easter, to encourage them in their faith? There really isn’t anything more important, is there?

Bookshops can help you choose, or here are some suggestions from our own range of titles:

For 6-8s: Nobody’s Dog (dog and boy) or Oliver’s Secret (cat and girl)

For 8-11s: Living in Hope or The Dove Stone

Fopr 10-14s: Revenge of the Flying Carpet or A New Me

For Teens: The City Kid or Rebecca and Jade: Choices (one of the girls in this book becomes a Christian following an Easter service!)

For young adults: Year 0033.

Who knows what your gift might do, watered with prayer? Don’t leave it to someone else – they might not come. Or perhaps your book will be a vital link in a chain. Make sure you do your bit and be the blessing. 🙂

Nobody’s Dog on Audiobook

If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, you can do so from many different platforms, including You don’t have to subscribe to a monthly membership – you can buy just this one book and enjoy as many times as you like!

Your kids’ favourite audiobook!

Why not listen as a family over Easter, and learn about prayer and trust, with Luke and Bushy? 🙂


It’s not too late to buy a book for rural schools in Kenya. This is a wonderful way to be a blessing, if you haven’t got children in your own church or family to buy for. Read more here.

The Birthday Shoes

We have the proof copy of the new, large version, with images for each chaper, and it’s looking brilliant! As soon as it’s available to pre-order, we will let you know.

Same with The Treasure Hunt and I Want to Be an Airline Pilot, which will be following in due course.

Please do pray for all these initiatives, that it will mean more books into more young hands.

May the blessing of the Lord be on you and your family this Easter.

May all the glory go to him!

Together in His service,


P.S. You can find all your Easter book gifts here. If you need any help choosing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

Easter – the Greatest Gift of All
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