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Thanks For Your Support

Hello again Friends, and thanks for sticking with us. We wouldn’t be here without you! GDPR has taken a lot of time, trying to get all the forms right, making sure our privacy policy says all it needs to, and poring over reams of information to make sure we are doing the right thing. The good thing is that now that’s all over we can get back to working on books, phew! Truly appreciate your support.

A New Me

The manuscript of A New Me is now with the editor. We’re doing the very best we can to make this a useful and enjoyable book for young people. Please pray for a great cover as well as a good book, with useful ‘Reading Group Questions’ to go at the back. Some people who have read the manuscript have enjoyed it; some have made suggestions for improving it, so still lots for the editor to do…


I attended a business conference recently and came away with some new ideas. The one thing I really don’t want to do is to ‘persuade’ people to buy books they really don’t want or need. It’s not about numbers, or sales figures, or ‘what’s working right now’, but about getting books into the hands of the young people who would be encouraged by them, or even have a life-changing experience. Books really do change lives. The thing I really do want to do with marketing is to get known, so anyone who is looking for books for young people at least knows we exist. I hope to do some more facebook advertising, and google ad words with this aim in mind. If you ever see a Dernier ad, please do comment, like and share, if you think your friends might be interested. πŸ™‚


I’m thinking it might be good to have some Dernier ambassadors who will help to get the word out in their community – to pass on information to their church, school, homeschool groups, friends and social media contacts. What do you think? If you feel you could be an ambassador, let me know. Love to hear from you!

Schools in Africa

Schools in Africa are crying out for books, and we love to send them! Thanks to a kind donor, we were able to send two big boxes of books to a school in a very poor area of Nairobi, doing the very best they can in desperate circumstances. (Mathare Informal Settlement – do look it up on Google.) More schools in Kenya have asked for books… I hope to send some more soon. If you would like to help, or would like books for a school you support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We try to help wherever we can.

Children at School

Equally, if you help run a Boys’ or Girls’ Brigade, kids club, summer camp or youth club, and would like books to give your members, please do get in touch. There’s always a way.

Exams/Summer Reading

It’s nearly the end of term, but there are still young people taking exams. It can be a very stressful time, but a novel can help! If you’d like summer reading for your young people, and would like some recommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be on annual leave in June for a week, but will get back to you when I can.

Prayer Topics

I’d be truly grateful for your prayers on the following topics:

  1. More books reaching more children/teens
  2. Ways to get books to disadvantaged children
  3. Ever better covers and stories
  4. For the audio versions (still working on those – had an equipment failure last week)
  5. New projects in the pipeline
  6. Excellence in all we do
  7. For the children who are reading our books now.

Thank you so much. β€œMore things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” – Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Janet WilsonRight, better go, you’ve been kind enough to stay with us, I don’t want to bore you! πŸ™‚

Every blessing to you all,


P.S. If you use facebook, do come over to our page and join in.

Newsletter April 2018


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus for us; his death and resurrection.

Recently I’ve been thinking about perspective. Allow me to share a couple of photos with you.


I took this first photo at Hever Castle in Kent – it looks like the Easter bunny is taking over the Easter world! The old castle hardly gets a look in, although you can just about see it in the background. In this second photo, taken on a recent visit to Hong Kong, many skyscrapers tower above St John’s Cathedral. But it just depends on which angle you are looking at it…

St John's Cathedral, Hong Kong

Like so many things in life, there is more than one perspective to Easter. It looked like all was lost on Good Friday, but it turned out to be the pivotal point of our salvation, as Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. Is the Easter bunny really taking over the world? You might think so from what we see in the shops. But we know better. Will secularism triumph over the church? Not a chance!

Praise God for the truth we know from his word, that the Lord will continue to build His church, and even the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Sometimes we need to hold on to the right perspective, when other things seem to loom in size. Do you sometimes look at things through the wrong lens? I know I do. We have such a small number of books! But they can change lives. That’s more than the Easter bunny can do – the only thing he can do is expand waistlines!

Packets of Seeds

Recently a kind supporter sent me her church newsletter, which contained this book review for Living in Hope:

β€œI really enjoyed this book because it was simple but written cleverly. I think it is a great idea and it is really gripping. Shema is my favourite character because he finds planes really fascinating. The creativeness of the children is really good and it seems really realistic. The characters are very detailed and are described in depth. The title suggests this is about hope but it is actually about a village called Hope.

I really like this book and I’d recommend you to read it.” – Alfie.

Book Review

It’s always so encouraging to receive reviews of our books – makes all the hard work worthwhile. Rarely will a child say in a review that they were touched in their spirit by a book, though, or that the characters were good examples to them. I guess it’s a bit unrealistic to expect it… still, we hope and pray that children nonetheless will not only enjoy the stories, but be impacted by our books in a way that is unseen. Perhaps the story will be a favourite, turned to again and again, passed on to a friend or sibling, or will impact the whole family if it’s read out loud. Sometimes a parent will tell us how a book has touched a young reader, which is always great to hear.

It’s also possible that a story will be completely forgotten! All we do know is that it is up to us to β€œplant the seeds”. Well, actually, I guess as much as anything it’s up to you to buy the β€œpackets of seeds” from us! Together we can make a difference. If there’s any way we can help you reach the children on your heart, please let us know. We will always try to help.

Living in Hope is all about a group of children who are learning to walk by faith. One is tricked into becoming a domestic slave, so it also highlights an important issue from a Christian perspective. And the story of the prodigal child is lived out as Freda is rescued and returns home. Lots of seeds there. You can buy the book direct from our website, from Christian bookshops, or any online bookstore.

A New Me

Our next book, A New Me, for 9-12s, will be released later this year. We have been working hard on the manuscript, and hope to put the final first chapter on our website soon. Please pray for each of the steps of publication – editing, typesetting, proof-reading, printing; for the cover design, for distribution, for sales and marketing. And especially please pray it will reach the children who need to hear the message of new life. Author Roy Jones has written an exciting and relevant story – now it’s up to us all to do the very best we can to get it into as many hands as possible. Thank you for your prayers! If you would like to read a pre-production copy to review, all offers kindly received (we are always looking for reviews from young people for back covers!).

Prizes and Presentations

Does your church or school need books for prizes or presentations at the end of term? Please pass on our info to the person who does the buying – one of our books might be just what they are looking for. Please contact us for quantity discounts.

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson, Founder of Dernier Publishing

And once more, grace and peace to you this month of April showers – may they be showers of blessing!


P.S. If you would like to receive newsletters by email, just let me know!

Changing Lives, a Little at a Time

Newsletter January 2018

Lego Cathedral

Though we are many, we are one body. We all know that, of course! On a recent visit to CLego Cathedralhester, we visited the cathedral. They are building a Lego model of the cathedral, one brick at a time! Visitors can buy a brick for Β£1: all proceeds are for restoration projects. Seeing the model growing reminded me that we are all one body, though we have different jobs to do. Some of the Lego bricks are tiny, and some won’t even be seen once the model is complete, but each have their place! It’s good to remember that we are all in the body of Christ together – all with different tasks to do, but each one of us essential. As we start a new year, I’d like to thank you all for all you have done to help get Christian books into the hands of young people all over the world. It’s a joint effort, and I couldn’t do it without you. πŸ™‚

Trinity School in Sevenoaks

Thanks to supporter Trish for this photo! Wonderful to see our books in the Trinity School library (Sevenoaks). Could you offer books to give to a local school? They may be read many times by many young people ovLibrary Bookser several years. What a great way to sow seeds. Some might fall on the path, of course, some in thorns and some among weeds, but some may grow in good soil. It might take a bit of courage to ask, but don’t let your fear stop you!


P.S. A local primary school teacher is using A Pennyworth of Peppermints with her book club. πŸ™‚

Book Party

If you have friends and family who love books, let me know if would you like to hold a book party. It takes a bit of organisation, but if you love having people round it’s definitely worth it for a bit of fun, to get books into kids’ hands and to earn yourself a bit of commission. πŸ™‚ Please contact me for more details.

Where Do they Go?

Most of the time we have no idea what happens to our books after they leave us in a box or a jiffy bag. Who reads them? We just don’t know! Occasionally, however, we get some feedback to keep us encouraged.

Dernier Publishing books to TaiwanAuthor Mary has given some books to a family to take back to Taiwan with them. I think that’s a first. When I first started Dernier Publishing, getting books to children abroad seemed like an impossible dream. It’s truly amazing to see what the Lord has done. Thank you so much for your help, for being here, for supporting, for buying books and for your encouragement.

Books are also shortly off to The Gambia and Tanzania, and even a few to China. Please pray for all these books – no, I don’t mean that, please pray for the readers of the books! Some will be adults, as in some countries there are few Christian books around and they are greatly valued. Who knows what the Lord will do? πŸ™‚

Here’s something else totally unexpected: at a recent Torch Trust holiday for people with sight loss, a book group listened to I Want to Be an Airline Pilot on audio, and each person was given an additional copy of the book in the format that suited their needs best (Braille, large print or CD). We were told that:

β€œAlthough this was a book for youngsters even the adults got a lot out of it. They found that it brought back memories of when they were young and had dreams like the person [Shema] in the book. It got to the stage where some read the book 2 or 3 times and each time got something different out of it and said it was an enjoyable book.”

Thank you so much to all of you who pray for us – your prayers are making a difference in the most unexpected of places!

Audio, Kindle, Epubs, Print on Demand and Books in Greek

Please pray for all these time-consuming projects. All are on the way, but all are taking longer than anticipated. Prayers appreciated.

Lent Resource for Young People

Revenge of the Flying Carpet front coverLooking for a Lent Resource for your young people? Lent starts on Wednesday 14th February. Not long now! Revenge of the Flying Carpet is a great book to use as a Lent Resource for 10-14s-ish, as the subjects of justice, forgiveness, judgement and mercy are on our minds. There are thought-provoking Book Group Questions in the actual book, and more detailed questions online for leaders to us (with grateful thanks to Brenda Lord for her expert help).

Is this something you could do as a family? Read the book together, then discuss the questions? Or suggest it to your congregation? One of the most pressing needs is for church young people to be discipled. It’s so easy to let the time slip by in lots of busy projects, but passing your faith on to your children is something only you can do, and you only have a short time. Don’t delay, start today! You can order the book from our website, or from your local Christian bookshop.

New Book!

Finally, exciting news – we have a new book on the way, which will be released, God willing, in the late summer. It’s called A New Me and charts the progress of Jess, who finds Jesus following a series of events. Author Roy Jones lives in Kent, where the story is set. We will be bringing you more news bit by bit.

Janet WilsonBut for now I’ve said enough!

Apologies for being a bit late, but I hope you all have a very happy new year, full of hope, joy and peace.


The Last Dernier Publishing Newsletter of 2017!

Live, Love, Laugh

Have you seen the slogan Live, Love, Laugh? It seems to be the in-thing to have inspirational thoughts like this on plaques, calendars, pictures and ornaments.

If you could give anything to the ones you love this Christmas, wouldn’t you love to give the gifts of life, love and laughter? It’s what God our Father gave us, that first Christmas! As humans, there’s a limit to what we can do, but we can give the ones we love a Christian book that will Live, love, laughhelp them find true and eternal love, life and laughter. We can’t force people to come to Jesus, neither would we want to, but we can show them the way through a Christian book.

Better than a Star Wars razor, I think. Or chocolate, or even an i-phone! Just think – true life, eternal love and joy that knows no limits. That has to be the best present ever. πŸ™‚


Revenge of the Flying Carpet front coverI was interviewed by Matt Dick of UCB Radio last week about our new book, Revenge of the Flying Carpet. It was a bit last minute, as someone had suddenly dropped out and they had a hole to fill in their schedule! Please don’t feel obliged, but this is the link if you’d like to listen (it will be on the server for another couple of weeks). The interview begins around the 2:15:00 mark. :-) Love sharing the Dernier story!

You can buy Revenge of the Flying Carpet from your local Christian bookstore or direct from our website to encourage and inspire your 10-14s.

Big Book Party

I held a Big Book Party at my home on 2nd December. Thanks to those who came and made it such fun!

Dernier Publishing books We played games, like how many books can you carry on your head? (that was hilarious!) . . . can you find the buried book treasure on the map? . . . and how many words can you make from the letters of Revenge of the Flying Carpet, and of course sold some books! If you would like to hold a book party (and earn some commission), or come to the next book party at my house, let me know.How many Dernier books can you carry on your head?






Panic, Panic!

Christian Books_for_girls_10-14Still need presents? Or would love to give your young people’s class/group a last minute gift? As I said recently at the launch of Revenge of the Flying Carpet, all our books are published with two main aims – to be excellent reads, and to share something of the good news of Jesus.

If you need help choosing books for Christmas, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Always glad to help! And if you would love to give a gift of books but don’t have the resources, let me know – perhaps together we can find a way.

If you can’t get to your local Christian bookshop this Christmas, you can still buy books direct from our website. If you use the coupon code NEWSLETTER, 10% will be taken off your order, with our thanks for all your support over the last year! Valid only until this Friday (15th December) so don’t delay, order today!

Rwanda series booksAs well as individual books, you can buy a series of books together: the four Beech Bank Girls books, the two Treasure Mystery books, the three Rwanda stories or a big family bundle of 15 books. Your gift could bring so much love, life and joy this Christmas!

A Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, we pray for all the children who will read our books this Christmas. We don’t know who they all are, or know their circumstances and their hearts, but you do, and we know you love them. We pray that each one will find life, love and joy in abundance. Amen!

Janet WilsonAnd that’s all for this year! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. May your life be a blessing to everyone you come into contact with!


P.S. Here’s the link to our online catalogue if you’d like a quiet browse with a coffee. Feel free to choose your books then buy them elsewhere – we love it when people support bookshops. We’re just glad the books are getting out there into children’s hands. πŸ™‚

Book Parties – Join in the Fun!

We have sent out our first Book Party Starter Pack! Here it is: Dernier Book Party Starter Pack

It consists of 15 Dernier titles, 20 bookmarks, 20 leaflets and 4 posters (not shown).

This is an exciting development! If you would like to hold a Book Party, please contact us!

Would you like to see more Christian books in young people’s hands?

Would you like a bit of extra cash coming up to Christmas? πŸ™‚

Do you like getting together with friends and family?

Host you own Dernier Book Party and it’s win/win/win! πŸ™‚

It’s a great thing to give church children books that will encourage and inspire them to keep walking with God . . . and to share the good news with others who might otherwise not hear it. At an age when there are so many pressures on our precious young people to conform to the world, books can change lives. Well, the Lord changes lives, but from the testimonies we receive, we know that the Lord is using our books! They are a bit like seeds – who knows what fruit might grow?


It’s World Book Day!

Hurray, Thursday March 2nd 2017 is World Book Day! To celebrate this fab event, we are giving away a FREE BOOK with every order between now and then.

Books don’t grow on trees (although the paper is made from trees, hehe!) but this once, you can get this wonderful book completely free of charge with any order.

Don’t worry if your book doesn’t show up in the shopping cart – we will add it to your order when we pack up your books. πŸ™‚

Deepest DarknessSo this would be a good time to make an order – do it now before you forget!

Not got anyone to give your book to? Here are some ideas:

  • Send to a missionary family
  • Give to your Sunday School teacher for a prize
  • Offer to your local school or library
  • Send to a school/children’s home you support
  • Read it yourself – you’ll love it!

You can read more about this book here (including the first chapter).

Don’t worry if your book doesn’t show up in the shopping cart – we will add it to your order when we pack up your books. πŸ™‚

10% off Bundle of Books for 10-14s, Limited Time Offer! Insert Coupon Code: BOOKBUNDLE at Checkout Dismiss