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God Is Our Refuge

At our weekly church prayer meeting on Saturday, we read Psalm 46, about the Lord being our refuge and strength and a very present help in times of trouble. Whatever is happening around us, our trust is in God – he is our fortress. So easy to say when all is going well! I was in the Lake District on holiday a couple of weeks ago and the peace and beauty were breathtaking.

Lake District

Since coming back from holiday, my Mum’s health has taken a turn for the worse. Her doctor has taken her off all medication and she’s not expected to live long. Changes are afoot in our church leadership. Printing of The City Kid (in Croatia) is now costing more due to changes in exchange rates. Changes in the UK government are coming thick and fast, and I’m not even going to mention the football! Plus the manager of a bookshop in a church I contacted recently told me, “Unfortunately, we have a taken a conscious decision here not to offer children’s fiction titles through the Bookshop and so would not be interested in purchasing such titles from Dernier Publishing.”

Things can get us down. But at the end of the day our trust is in God alone – even if the mountains fall into the raging sea he is our peace. Whatever happens, he has it all in hand. Phew!

End of Term

Don’t forget to order your books in good time for Sunday School prizes. Why not buy books for children in uniformed organisations this year, or to give to school leavers? Christian books give young people (and their families) the chance to think about life and issues from a Christian perspective. You never know what your gift could do! We must cast our bread upon the waters. If you would like to discuss quantity discounts, please email me. Always happy to help get books into children’s hands. You can see all our books here and you can of course buy them from bookshops.

The City Kid

At last the file is with the printer! Please pray for the process. We very much look forward to bringing you this excellent book.

Dernier Publishing Authors

We now have a Dernier Publishing Authors page on facebook!


I hope it will help you get to know Mary, Eleanor, Denise, Clive and Gareth better. 🙂 Please do come over and join us, and if you have any questions about the writing process or about any of the books, feel free to ask away. Click here to see the page.

Beech Bank Girls

Beech Bank Girls booksDid I mention last month that Torch Trust are going to bring out all the Beech Bank Girls stories in large print and Braille? We are so pleased to be able to help in this way, to make our stories accessible to girls with sight loss. Whoopee, potential for more children to be reached with the good news of Jesus! If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or the Torch Trust direct.

Christian Writing Course

The next Write for a Reason course starts next week! If you know anyone who might be interested in writing for children and young people, please click this link for more information.

Apology to Christian Bookshop Retailers

Big apology – either when I updated to Windows 10 or changed my email programme, I lost my ‘group’ retailer emails, so any info I have been sending you about our books (advance info etc) will not have reached you. This is gutting and I will need to re-build my retailer email list. It would help enormously if you are a retailer, to reply to this, so I can make sure you receive retailer news as well as these general newsletters. Thank you so much for your help and support.

Sneak Peak into the Future!

We have more books in the pipeline! One is by Eleanor Watkins about two girls, one of whom finds herself pregnant. The story deals with issues and choices girls face from a Christian perspective. Another book from a new author is about a girl who is bullied, but finds new life. Gareth Rowe is writing a sequel to The Only Way. So much potential! However, we need to sell what we have in order to have the finances to produce more. Would you like to give a book a new home? I have a stack of poor sad books stacked up in my office that need good homes! Hehe. If you don’t have children to buy for, I can send your gift on to children like these in Kenya who are desperate for reading material.


You can see all our books here – and of course you can find them at your local Christian bookshop.

Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson, Founder of Dernier Publishing

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