Summer has reached us at last! Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy the sunshine, which reminds us of God’s faithfulness?

I don’t know about you, but this year has gone by so far in a bit of a blur. I feel extremely fortunate to be doing a job I love, with no restrictions… I hope that you, too, will have things you can thank God for, despite all the difficulties.

New Books

We are awaiting the illustrations to go inside Oliver’s Secret, then we will be ready to go to press! As soon as we have a publication date, I will let you know. Please pray for us as we put the final touches to the book and plan the launch.

Oiver's Secret Coming Soon

The Dove Stone, set in Lancashire in post-Roman Britain, is at the editing stage.

The Treasure Hunt is getting a new cover!

All these new books will soon be ready for you to give to the children on your heart, to help you share your faith. Exciting!

Latest Releases

Year 0033 has had some excellent reviews – most of them 5*! You can watch the trailer here. If you haven’t bought this book for your young adults, don’t delay – they will be inspired, and it’s perfect weather for reading outside! It’s the perfect gift for anyone finishing university.

Year 0033

Many adults have also read it and loved it, so you might like to read it first… in fact, the lady who deals with our account to secular bookshops has been reading it (how great is that?). She told me: “I am half way through the copy of 0033, a great read, I usually read crime novels, It feels very true to life at the moment, it appears to me this is where we could be heading.

Brilliant! And if you want to know what she means by that last phrase, you need to get yourself a copy. 🙂

If you have younger readers, or are looking for exciting family reading, Nobody’s Dog is flying off the shelves and out of boxes. Early readers love this book with its fun story. Kids absolutely love stories of faith – they seem to have an innate understanding that God cares for them. Books like this fill them with joy. Perhaps you bought a copy or two back in the autumn – is there another family/young reader you would like to inspire?

The City Kid is now available worldwide. That’s cause for celebration – tell everyone you know! Every teenager should have a copy of this book. John wants nothing to do with God and spends all he has in wild living… but when everything is gone, where is there left to go?

If your church has opportunities to give books to teens in clubs, or to school leavers/young offenders, do not pass by on the other side. You will have seen images on the news recently about the awful effects of knife crime in our cities – and there are so many more issues young people face. A book can bring hope to the hopeless and light in the darkness. Each one of these young people is precious. We may feel powerless, but we’re not. A book in the right hands can change the course of a life. Samuel said about this book:

This book was thought-provoking, because when it all went wrong for the main character and life didn’t work out how he expected it to, it was easy to relate, because this is how life really is… reading this book has strengthened my faith.”

The City Kid

This fast-paced read has a dyslexia friendly format and discussion questions at the back that you can use with groups.

Churches, Charities and Schools

We have a discount scheme for charities, schools and churches. If you need quantities of books, we’d love to help you. Please contact us for more information.

Book Club

Our Book Club is growing! Every month, for just £5, you get a surprise book from our range, sent to you in the post! If you would like to join, please click here.

boy reading


For the first time ever, we have an affiliate scheme. If you love our books and would like to promote them, please contact me and I’ll pass on some more information. Thanks to Dernier fan Lucy, for making the suggestion! Lucy is mum to four children… her son, Joel, who is 11, recently read London’s Gone and said:

“I thought London’s Gone was one of the easiest to read, page-turning books I have ever read.”

You can buy your copy of London’s Gone here.

Contact us about the affiliate scheme – you can make a bit of money for yourself or a charity of your choice, while promoting Christian books. It’s win/win!


You can, of course, order all our books from your local Christian Bookshop. Some do mail order, if you can’t get there, or if you are not yet up for shopping in person. If bookshops are to survive, they need our support, so do consider buying from them. They also have a wide range of books for adults, beautiful cards with biblical verses, Bibles, daily reading notes, gifts and CDs. Definitely worth a visit if you can make it, or a virtual visit if you can’t!

Manna Christian Booshop


Please can I ask you a favour? If you or your children have read any of our books, would you be kind enough to write a review on our website? We have a new bit of software which makes it easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Click on the book you want to review
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Reviews’ tab.
  3. Give your star rating (1-5) and write your review in the box.

We will approve your reviews before they are published (this is to stop spammers), so you can expect to see your comments up very soon!

Janet Wilson

Thank you so much for reading this far. I hope we will be able to help you reach out to the children on your heart – it’s what we’re here for.

Be blessed,


P.S. To save you searching, this is the link for London’s Gone. This is the link to watch the Year 0033 trailer on YouTube. This is the link for the Book Club. Click here to contact us for info about the affiliate scheme or for quantity discounts. I look forward to hearing from you!

Exciting News!
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