Dernier Book Club is a monthly book subscription programme for adults who recognise the value of giving Christian books to children.

Books are not just exciting adventures and an aid to education; they are also vital tools in helping children to meet with God, learn about Him and to navigate the tough moments in life – you can be a channel of blessing with your gift.

For just £5/month you can look forward to receiving a surprise book every month from the Dernier range of titles! ( £7/month for addresses in Europe.) This price includes shipping!

Perhaps it will be a spy mystery adventure for 8-11s, or a more thoughtful novel for teens… what you can be sure of, is that every one will be a fun story with good news to share.

Dernier Book Club


You can choose to receive from 1-10 books every month (the same title) for the same special price of £5/copy.

Subscription Options

What will you do with your books?

  • You might like to build up your own library
  • You might like to give your books away as birthday or Christmas gifts
  • You might like to give your special book away to a different child every month – perhaps to remind someone of what they mean to you, or to a child going through a challenging time, or to a family who can not afford to buy books themselves.

I was delighted to find these! I didn’t want preachy books, or Moral Stories, but I did want books that would introduce, or deepen, our young people’s understanding of God, and of His place in their lives, whilst at the same time telling a good strong story. – Rosemary

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Simply choose the number of books you’d like to receive on the Subscription Options, then hit the Subscribe button.

PAYMENT for UK ADDRESSES (Free Shipping):

Subscription Options

PAYMENT for  ADDRESSES in EUROPE (Includes Shipping):

Subscription Options

Some things you need to know:

  • As soon as you subscribe, you will be sent the book of the month.
  • Your book/s will then be sent to you at the beginning of every new month.
  • You can cancel your subscription safely and easily at any time.
  • You may not use any other vouchers with this promotion.
  • Dernier books are chapter books/novels for children from age 6+
  • We take your data privacy seriously. You can read our privacy policy here.

May your gift of books bring light, life, hope and joy to everyone who reads them!

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Joy or Janet!

Joy McIlroy
Joy McIlroy
Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson

Subscription Options

If the Book Club isn’t for you right now, sign up below to make sure you don’t miss out on future news, competitions and special offers. 🙂 The time is short.

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