Good morning! It’s sunny here right now, though I don’t know for how long! I do love the sunshine. It raises my spirits and somehow brings hope with the warmth and light; especially now, in these difficult times, as the days are getting darker. How we do need hope! As a friend said to me at the weekend, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Of course, those of us who have been born again have the tremendous privilege of knowing that there is better to come – this hope is an anchor for the soul, but there are still so many people waiting to hear this good news…

Hope is an Anchor for the Soul

I heard on Saturday evening the terrible news that the friend of a friend’s son had taken her own life – she was just a young girl. The enemy is stealing our children’s joy, light, hope and life... this is a tragedy, and we need to fight back. Too many of our young people are struggling with sadness, depression and hopelessness. Books can help. They can give a new perspective, help readers to see things they hadn’t seen before, show the way, shine a light.

One young reader, who read I Want to Be an Airline Pilot at school, said: I recommend this book. It is a heart-warming story. This book is about a little boy’s dream to be a pilot but I think it deviates a bit (in a good way) because they have a lot of problems. But then life isn’t perfect, is it? Personally I think these kids are very brave. I think the message in this story is: even in tough situations, God will always make a path for you if you respect and pray to him.”

With all this in mind, we have a special offer for you. You can get hold of the full set of our three books set in Rwanda for the special price of £15.99 so you can bring hope to the children you love. Many people are looking for books for their children just like this, during Black History Month. What a great opportunity!

Rwanda series of books

Here’s a little clip from I Want to Be an Airline Pilot:

The next day, Sam and Shema were the centre of attention, because the news had spread throughout the village that they had managed to kill a spitting black cobra! They were heroes! As they went together to the well to collect the water, they were asked to tell the story over and over again. People were so amazed, that it made Shema realise more and more how much God had helped him, because it was a miracle that they were alive and the snake was dead, and not the other way around!

These books have changed lives. Don’t let your loved ones miss out. Martha told us: “I really like all the books that Mary Weeks Millard has written. They make me feel very peaceful and help me to forget all my worries.”

May your life also be filled with hope, as you bring hope to those around you.

In Christ,


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Hope – an Anchor for the Soul
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