Rwanda Series

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By Mary Weeks Millard

For family reading or solo readers aged 8+

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Families need encouragement in these strange and difficult times, and these are the perfect books to bring hope and joy. Why not buy a second set for a family on your heart?

This set of three books is perfect for:

  • Families looking for inspiring bedtime reading stories
  • Children who are bookworms
  • Sunday School presents
  • Birthday/Christmas gifts


Shema looks after goats in Rwanda to help provide for his family. He wants to go to school so he can become an airline pilot, but how can that be possible? Over the course of these three books we go on adventure after adventure with Shema and his friends – some scary, some fun, some dangerous… but all lead them to deepen their faith and grow in trust together.

Children have written in to tell us how much they love these books!

Don’t let your children miss out. They need to know that the message of the Bible is relevant today, for children just like Shema, and just like them. That  God answers prayer! That every child is precious to the Lord. That every child has a Father in heaven who cares for him or her.

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Based on the author’s experience of living in Rwanda, yet sensitively written for younger readers, these books are great little stories with plot lines that really draw you in and make for a good read. They also help children to realise how different life can be for children in other cultures. The Christian content is appropriate for the setting. I highly recommend them.” – Brenda (teacher and mum)

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You can download FREE discussion questions to go with the following two books by clicking on the links:

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

Living in Hope

These questions will help you talk about all the issues brought up in these books – you will grow together as you share your thoughts and feelings together.

I really like all the books that Mary Weeks Millard has written.  They make me feel very peaceful and help me to forget all my worries.” Martha

Rwanda Series