Dear Friends,

Once again I’m writing to you from a sunny desk, on a beautiful day. I love this time of year when it’s warm, everything is green, and flowers of every size and colour are blooming for us to enjoy. How wonderfully the Lord made everything! Even when we get rain, it’s warm rain, bringing showers of blessing (generally!).

Summer garden

Although we rejoice in all that the Lord has done, we can’t help but notice the darkness that is gathering around us in our culture, particularly as regards our children.

But I don’t want to talk about that – you hear enough about that in the news!

Books Are a Link in a Chain

If you have young people in your family or church (or anywhere!), do consider buying them a book that finishes with hope!

Your gift could be an important link in a chain, to bring life and restore true joy. What about to bless someone who’s finished exams?

It’s possible that the book might be ignored and never read… but it might be read many times and become a favourite: a friend on the bookshelf, a beacon of light.

Is it worth the risk and the cost? Well, our books start at just £5.99 for a paperback…

And at least they will know you cared enough to buy them a gift! Plus, who knows, perhaps it will be found next year, or the year after… or exactly when it’s needed.

We may find it more and more difficult to share the good news of Jesus with children as time goes on, but books can say it for us, simply and easily, in a respectful way which means that readers are able to make up their own minds.

The new The Birthday Shoes is an excellent choice for 7-10s, or if you have readers who love exciting mystery adventures, The Treasure Hunt is now available to pre-order on our website (released on 1st July).

The Treasure Hunt pre-order

For 10-14s, Revenge of the Flying Carpet is a fun story, or there’s the ever popular Beech Bank Girls series.

Why not try out Rebecca and Jade: Choices, for 13+, or The City Kid?

Nobody’s Dog is still a favourite for family bedtime reading for younger children!

You can check out all these books here, and lots more, with free shipping to UK addresses, or order them from your favourite bookshop if you prefer.

Works in Progress

I’ve already mentioned that the updated version of The Treasure Hunt is now available to pre-order, with its theme of people trafficking, and everyone matters. Do take a look! These issues are important for our children to read about, from a Christian perspective… all wrapped up in an exciting story!

The book is in the new, larger format, with dyslexia friendly font and some fun images at the beginning of every chapter…. Mystery in the Snow will be next, and Harry’s Midnight Adventures, by Eleanor Watkins, which features a hamster who loves to escape!

Please do pray for these projects. 🙂


Have friends in Kenya? Someone was asking me recently, if they could buy our books in Nairobi – yes, you can! This is the link to the CLC bookshop where they are available. The books available are The City Kid, Year 0033, Nobody’s Dog, Oliver’s Secret, and I Want to Be an Airline Pilot. To order the books you want, for schools, churches, or individual use, follow this link. Or pop into the CLC bookshop: Muthoni Omahangu and her wonderful team will be ready to serve you! The shop is in the Adams Arcade, Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Dernier Books in Kenya

The Future

Do you see a time coming when you may not be able to speak freely from your conscience, about your faith and beliefs? There may come a time when we are not be able to publish books with content we would want to… we may have to change certain things to fit in…

A friend, who takes assemblies at a local school, told me, “We have permission to sing a song at the beginning and end, but they have to be about God, rather than Jesus. At the end, we say, ‘now I am going to say a prayer and if you want to make it your prayer you can say Amen at the end’.

The lovely thing is, they are still able to share Bible stories!

Things are changing, but there are still opportunities. Let’s use them.

Love to you all,


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And don’t forget to buy your books, now, for the young people on your heart. They could change lives.

Janet Wilson
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