Treasure Chest of Dernier Books

Dear Friends,

I do hope things are going well for you, and that you are standing firm through all the changes that are happening around us. Whatever happens in life, we have this as our firm assurance – the Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our defender. Underneath everything, his everlasting arms uphold us.

Treasure in Dark Places

Book sales have dropped dramatically in the last few months, as people are grappling with the cost of living. Books have become a luxury for many families… but children need them just as much – how are we going to get them into young hands?

Here’s an idea: a treasure chest of Christian books, for you to lend out!

Treasure Chest of children's books

You get the treasure chest itself FREE (fabulous sturdy box with magnetic clasp) – and it’s filled with treasures of eternal value…. all you pay for is the books, hehe! 🙂

Why not buy one to keep at home for your children/grandchildren to read and lend to their friends, or for your church, or for your Boys and Girls’ Brigade/children’s youth group meetings? You can then lend out the books, and borrowers can choose the one they want to read. So lots of children can enjoy these fun stories and feed their spirits at the same time – children who may not have access to Christian books any other way…

Perhaps your church might buy a treasure chest, or a group you belong to sponsor one for a foster family or a children’s club… or even to give away at an alternative Hallowe’en party to bless families?

Treasure Chest of Dernier Books

The whole package is £94.99, so it really is excellent value (the chest contains 17 titles). Perhaps your church, or a group you belong to, might sponsor a chest? Stories change the way we view the world.

They really are treasure in dark places. Buy yours here. Don’t let your children miss out. This really is an excellent resource.

Christian Bookshops

You can, of course, buy all our books from Christian Bookshops. Do support them if you can. So many have already closed down all over the country. It would be such a terrible shame to lose their Christian witness in our towns and cities. They don’t just sell books – most have a fab selection of cards, music, mugs, jewellery and other gifts, advent calendars, candles, devotionals, diaries and calendars, Sunday School materials and so much more. How about doing your Christmas shop there? You are sure to be able to buy inspirational gifts for many on your gift list – you can even buy Christian socks – I bought my husband a fun pair last year, with sheep on them, to remind him of the lost one which was found (sheep not sock, hehe)!

(I hope you don’t mind me talking about Christmas – it is a bit early, but it was on my mind. :-))


We have exciting news for you – we will shortly be having a Big Book Launch of Dernier books in Kenya! Working with Muthoni Mercy and her team at CLC Nairobi, we will shortly have five books for sale – The City Kid, I Want to Be an Airline Pilot, Year 0033, Oliver’s Secret and Nobody’s Dog.

So if you have friends/family in Kenya, do let them know. More details to come, but basically, anyone even from the UK, you will be able to buy books to send to friends or family (or schools/churches you have contact with) in Kenya, easily online! Or buy in Kenya, of course.

This is a real answer to prayer – thank you if you have been praying. We appreciate it very much.

We will be having an online launch, so you will be able to come, too, meet some of the authors, the CLC Team and we all can celebrate together!

As soon as I have a definite date, I will let you know, so keep a look out for the email.

The Dove Stone ebook

We will also shortly be launching The Dove Stone ebook! Again, I will keep you posted with the date. So if you need a story in a hurry, it will be there for you.

And that’s it for this month!

Every blessing to you as you walk with Jesus. And don’t forget your Treasure Chest of books. 🙂

Thanks for being here – without you we wouldn’t exist.

Janet Wilson


Janet Wilson, Dernier Publishing.

Books in Kenya, The Dove Stone ebook and a Treasure Chest!
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