Bundle of 15 Books


Fifteen Dernier Publishing books in one bundle! SAVE over 10% on the price of buying the books individually. The perfect gift for families, schools, churches and libraries, at home and abroad, to encourage and inspire young people. Books change lives! Titles may vary from those shown.

Make a difference. You gift could touch many lives.
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15 Dernier Publishing paperbacks in one bundle. SAVE over 10% on the price of buying the books individually! The perfect gift for families, schools, churches and libraries. Contains books for a variety of age groups, from 7-14+. Titles may varyAll Dernier novels.

Each Bundle will contain a selection of 15 of the following books:

The City Kid

For teenagers. John wants to live the high life in the city, but when he gets involved in corruption and his life falls apart, he finds new life. You can read more here.

The Beech Bank Girls series

These four fun stories are written from the viewpoint of six friends who have lots of fun together, but also face all sorts of troubles and disasters! You can read more here.

Deepest Darkness

Perfect for sensitive children, those who enjoy thoughtful books and those who struggle with anxiety. Facing her fears one by one, Abi opens here life to the light and finds a freedom she never thought possible. You can read more here.

The Only Way

When a mysterious, disaffected teenager meets the beautiful and mysterious Lily, he discovers a new way to live. A brilliantly written novel with a gripping story. There are allegorical features in this novel on many levels, making it an excellent choice for a class reader. You can read more here.

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I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

Perfect for children who love reading about other cultures. Through a series of adventures, Shema, an eight-year-old Rwandan goatherd from a child-led family discovers that he has a Father in heaven who cares for him. You can read more here.

Living in Hope

The thrilling sequel to I want to be an Airline Pilot. Shema and his friends still have many exciting and dangerous challenges to face. A gentle introduction to the issue of child slavery. You can read more here.

Under the Tamarind Tree

Perfect for children struggling with a change in their life, and to learn about living in a new culture from a child’s perspective. The third book in the “Rwanda” series. Timo and Joshua don’t want to go and live in rural Rwanda, but learn that God knows best. You can read more here.

London’s Gone

London has been bombed by terrorists and three teens have to make their way to safety. Only one of them is a Christian – will it make a difference to the way he reacts to the situation? Perfect for children who enjoy a challenging read. You can read more here.

girl reading

The Treasure Hunt

Great for kids who love exciting mystery stories. Four Christian friends go on a treasure hunt with the church youth club, but while looking for clues they fall into another adventure. A gentle introduction to people trafficking. You can read more here.

Mystery in the Snow

Not long after solving their first mystery (The Treasure Hunt), Debbie, Ravi, Lance and Joel find themselves with another problem; Ravi’s shed has been burgled. Join the Christian friends as they find answers in unexpected places. You can read more here.

The Birthday Shoes

Emily Jane goes on a series of adventures in Africa wearing her magic shoes, making friends and some exciting discoveries about God and crocodiles along the way! You can read more here.

A Pennyworth of Peppermints

This exciting spy story, set in WW1. This book captures a little of what life was like for children living through the Great War, and how faith in God can make a difference. You can read more here.

Boy reading A Pennyworth of Peppermints

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Paul has the worst sister in the world and plots revenge, but gets a lot more than he bargained for when he finds a flying carpet in his gran’s loft. You can read more here.

Rebecca and Jade: Choices

Rebecca and Jade are best friends from very different backgrounds. When one of them discovers she is pregnant, choices have to be made. This book looks at life and choices from a Christian perspective. You can read more here.

These books vary in the age range and skill of the reader, but will suit most children 7-14+.

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Bundle of 15 Books