Clive Lewis (author of The City Kid) is back from his trip to Uganda. Thanks for your prayers! Clive says, “I returned from Uganda last week and enjoyed great fellowship with family, friends and Christian brothers and sisters.” Clive and his team took lots of books with them – please pray they will have a good impact on readers. This picture is of Clive with the vicar of the parish of Obiya in northern Uganda which Clive’s parish supports. While there, Clive talked to Dickens Zziwa from SU Uganda, who was the recipient of a box of The City Kid on a previous visit. Clive says, “He [Dickens] said that last year’s supply had long since dispersed, and he added encouraging words about the impact of The City Kid on some young people.” Great news indeed! If you or someone you know is going on a mission trip this summer, would you buy books to take along? Please contact us for quantity discounts. Always glad to help!

Clive is Back!
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