Beech Bank Girls audio book cover

We are delighted to bring you the second of the Beech Bank Girls books in audio format, which is brilliant for girls who love their phones!

Beech Bank Girls audio book cover

This is the second title in the series, available from google play. Girls can now listen to this fun, relevant Christian book on their phone!

OR you can download from many different audiobook subscription services, such as Audible, iTunes, scribd and Simply put the title in the search, and up it will come!

AND/OR you can buy the paperback if your girls love to read. 🙂

However you get it, make sure you do – our girls seriously need encouragement. All sorts of voices are coming at our precious girls from all sides – these fun stories tackle issues from a Christian perspective. “My 13 year-old granddaughter was riveted, and read through all four books about the Beech Bank Girls in the half term week that she stayed with me,” said one Granny, concerned for the spiritual welfare of her granddaughter. Church girls are dropping out of church, and many are growing up never knowing that the Lord is there, He cares, He answers prayer, and he can help us, whatever sort of trouble we get into!

So buy your copy today – paperback or audiobook. You need to sow seeds if you want to reap a harvest.

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