Hello, Janet here with exciting news… our first book will be printed in Kenya tomorrow through our partners in CLC Nairobi! We will see this sample via Whatsapp video – amazing! As a pilot (sorry for the pun!) we have chosen one of our best-sellers: ‘I Want to be an Airline Pilot’. 🙂

Children love this book! If all is well we’ll go ahead with an initial printing, which will go to Education Bridge Africa as a ‘first fruits’ gift. If you’d like to join us and add a book or two, or several, or 100, please visit the ‘Donate’ page and we will add your books to the box!

Every book has the potential to touch many young lives, as they will be going to schools desperate for resources – and it will save the shipping! In some cases, in deprived areas, the schools have no reading books! Not one! Our gift will:

1. Help children with their education, and so give them a chance to escape from poverty

2. Give them the joy of story, and

3. Show them they have a Father in heaven who cares for them.

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

Let’s do it!

Our ‘Pilot’ Book
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