Hello, Janet Wilson here. I visited central London yesterday – Hillsong Kids (7-11s), to give a talk about books!

It was a delight to meet so many keen readers. I got to talk to some of the children individually as well as give a talk to the whole group. Several of them buzzed around me after my talk, thrilled and amazed to find books with Christian characters just like them (and two asked me if I’d publish the books they are writing!). Please pray the children will be strengthened in their faith through good Christian books, as well as the teaching they receive week by week when they’re together.

I suspect way more children than we think would read Christian books if they had the opportunity… and still more would love their parents to read the stories to them. Let’s pray for parents to take up the challenge – and that other family members and church family will buy them for those that can’t afford it.

Our children so badly need the encouragement to keep walking with God.

Kids in church
Visit to Hillsong Kids
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