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One easy way to build up your relationship with your children

One way you can develop a rich relationship with your children is to read stories together. Mums and Dads, get involved! Talk about the issues the characters face… in this way you can get to understand what your children are thinking/feeling, and you get a chance to share your own wisdom.

Mum reading with children

This book (Living in Hope), tells the story of Sam, who is falsely accused of stealing, and Frida, who is tricked into becoming a domestic servant… when the children get her home, they throw a ‘prodigal’ party. Inspirational, educational, and great fun!

Living in Hope, and the other two books in the series, are available as paperbacks or as an ebook (available worldwide on the Amazon kindle store). Click on the links for more info, or to buy this lovely book for yourself.

Why Christian Novels for Young People?

Now, more than ever, we are living in a society in which overt sin is becoming ever more pervasive and ‘normal’; the darkness can at times seem overwhelming and our children are out there in it.


Dernier books in RwandaThe need for excellent books for young people written from a Christian worldview is great. There are plenty of stories which have incited interest in the occult and witchcraft, violence, materialism and worldly relationships, but what about books where the Lord is God, where faith in the Lord Jesus Christ matters, where people pray and read the Bible?


Boy reading Christian bookThese don’t have to be dry subjects! – they can be as alive, real, funny, scary and sad as any secular story, but with the enormous extra bonus of a spiritual perspective.


What we fill our minds with, is what we become. What are the children you care about filling their minds with?


Greek girl reading I Want to Be an Airline PilotOur vision is to produce excellent, relevant, fun novels for young people aged 8-17, to encourage and inspire them in their walk with God, and to show non-church kids what they are missing!


Every now and then we hear more depressing statistics about young people leaving the church; anything we can do to show them that it’s great to be a Christian has got to be good and it’s a fact that most people come to know the Lord when they are young.


Schoolgirl readingWe can’t afford to be complacent.


We have heard about young people becoming Christians after reading our novels, and had reviews saying, “This is the best book I’ve ever read.” And who knows how many seeds have been sown, all over the world? Thrilling!


Reading the books with your children gives you an opportunity to discuss issues raised in the stories, such as prayer, forgiveness, bullying, teenage pregnancy, body image, illness and freedom of choice. Words are powerful, but you only have a small window of opportunity before your children grow up. The Bible urges us to share our faith with our children; stories give an opportunity to chat things through – don’t put it off.


children readingOur children’s faith is priceless.


One day ‘the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord.’


We so want our kids to be there.


If you share our vision, please sign up for our news and prayer letter. Once a month we will keep you in touch with what’s new.

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson, Founder of Dernier Publishing


May the Lord bless you, and the children on your heart,


Janet Wilson





Stories entertain, amuse us, and we learn from them. They can inspire us for good or evil. They leave a “taste in our mouth”. The best stories hold us long after we have put the book down. Make sure your children are reading good stuff!

Dernier Publishing books for young people



You Can Be a Youth Worker!

Yes, you can be a youth worker! All you have to do is give a Christian book to a young person, pray for them, and let the book (and the Holy Spirit!) do the work for you.

But how do you  get over the scariness of giving a book to a child with no church background?

Here’s an idea:

1. Get parents’ permission.

2. “I saw this book and thought of you.” (Or, I saw this book and thought of Therese, if you give the book to the parents.)

3. “Please read it and tell me what you think!”Schoolgirl reading

What do you think? Any other ideas? Easter could be the perfect excuse to give away books and become the most amazing youth worker! 🙂


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