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May News!

Sadness and Gladness


I was planning on writing something completely different this month, but the news of the tragedy in Manchester has eclipsed all other thoughts. It’s difficult to find the words to say. Even though we may not know anyone personally affected, the sadness on our screens has touched us all. The sight and sound of young people screaming and running, the mum desperate for news of her daughter, images of children injured, hits hard. So much grief, so much trauma, some who will be affected forever, scarred for life. And what about the perpetrators? What could have possessed them to turn to such evil? We know so well the verse, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they might have life, and life in all its fullness.” The suicide bomber was just 23. Let’s pray for everyone caught up in this appalling evil, that the Lord will have mercy, and turn many to himself, that He might bring light and life out of this dreadful tragedy.

If you live in or near Manchester and know anyone who could take our books to young people in hospital, or to those who have lost loved ones, please contact me.

Another thought: the suicide bomber was brought up in this country. Please pray we will be able to get our books into school libraries. Even in places where there is no Christian teaching, perhaps some might come to find life through our books.

Something More Cheerful

Mary Weeks Millard giving Christian books to Star School, Rwanda

Mary Weeks Millard giving Christian books to Star School, Rwanda

Praise the Lord for something more cheerful to report. Earlier in the year, author Mary Weeks Millard visited Rwanda. She says:


A highlight of the trip was to visit Star School, at Masaka, near Kigali. I prayed over the piece of ground and have had the joy of seeing a large school grow on the site, over about 10 years. The school has a Christian foundation and seeks to educate children whose parents might not otherwise be able to afford good schooling for them. It has nursery, primary and secondary departments. Many children are sponsored through Mission Possible UK, and it was a delight for me to see the boy whom I have sponsored through the years. He is now in the top primary class. However, the main point of the visit was to give books to the library, and I took 25 books from Dernier Publishing. These were well received – there are very few fiction books for leisure reading in the library – and the boarders were very pleased with the new additions.”

Such good news! These stories with their biblical themes have so much potential to touch lives. Another box of books recently reached a school for deaf children (most of whom are orphans) in Kenya. Please pray with us for all who read our books, wherever they are in the world.

Three More Bits of Good News!

1. Dernier books translated into CroatianFirst bit of good news: Mystery in the Snow is going to be printed in Croatian, to join the first three Beech Bank Girls books and The Treasure Hunt.

Yippee! So thrilled that non-English speaking youngsters will be able to read this fun story about four Christian kids who solve the mystery of the shed burglaries. 🙂

2. Second bit of good news: I met Joanna from Angel Tree for a business meeting (honest!) earlier this week. Angel Tree is the arm of the Prison Fellowship which gives gifts to prisoners’ children at Christmas, along with a Christian book if the prisoner wishes (which most do). Joanna from the Prison FellowshipPlease pray Joanna chooses the right books for the children, many of whom are vulnerable, and may not hear the good news any other way. We are delighted and privileged to be able to share in this ministry.

3. Revenge of the Flying Carpet came out as a kindle book a while ago: we are planning on bringing this out as a paperback in the autumn. The new cover hasn’t yet been finalised, but here is a sneak preview of the cover image:

This book deals with the subjects of revenge, justice, mercy and forgiveness through the eyes of a young lad with the worst sister in the world. Vital issues, from a Christian perspective, all rolled up in an engaging story. More news in due course!

Best News!

Rebecca and Jade: Choices, YA novel

They’ve arrived! Real copies at last!

I have saved the best news for last. 🙂 We now have copies of Rebecca and Jade: Choices, ready for release next Tuesday (30th May)! This is a powerful and moving novel written from a Christian perspective for teenage girls. Two sixteen-year-olds become friends, despite their differences. When one of the girls finds herself pregnant (I’m not telling you which one!), they both have choices to make, which have far-reaching consequences.

One mum who reviewed it for us said: “It sensitively covered issues facing teens today including pregnancy, relationships, friendship and support . . . Gave me a good opportunity to open up the subject of abortion with my daughter and we had a really good chat. She’s got someone in her year who‘s pregnant (at fifteen).”

Eleanor Watkins with her latest book, Rebecca and Jade: Choices

Author Eleanor Watkins with her latest book, Rebecca and Jade: Choices

(She said some other lovely things, too, but they include spoilers, so I’ll have to keep those things to myself for the time being!)

This isn’t a book telling readers what they should do. It’s an invitation to readers to think about the choices they make. Oh, and one of the girls becomes a Christian, but, again, I’m not telling you which one! I hope you will buy this book for all the girls you know (contact me for quantity discounts), because the choices they make will determine their future, as they do for Rebecca and Jade.

The launch will take place in Bethesda Evangelical Church in Hay-on-Wye, on Tuesday 30th May from 11am – 1pm. You are all totally and very warmly invited! Author Eleanor will be signing books, I will be there too . . . and it’s during the Hay Festival, so lots to see and do if you love books!


If you can’t come, would you like to buy a copy anyway? Click here to take a look.

That’s all for this month, but before we go, would you join me in a brief prayer, that our books will touch young lives?

Dear Lord God, Heavenly Father, please help us to get our books to where they are needed. Please use them to touch children with your love, to bring light and life in the darkness, hope and joy where there is despair, comfort for those who grieve, to bring truth to those who seek it, and eternal life with you. Amen.

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson, Founder of Dernier Publishing

Thank you so much for being here with us,


P.S. The new books look way better in real life than they do in these images! 🙂



Dernier Publishing logoWelcome to the October 2015 Dernier Publishing newsletter!
Spam, Ham and Babycham
Spam, Ham and BabychamThose of you who are my friends on facebook may have seen this photo . . . I found these items when clearing out my mum’s kitchen! Anyone remember greasy spam fritters? The jelly in the tinned ham? And when Babycham was the ultimate treat? I hope I haven’t put you off your meal! 🙂 If you are not British, or are too young to remember these things . . . they are a throwback to the 70s, when cheap convenience foods were the order of the day for many families.
Suffice it to say, we are what we eat. (Hurray for 5-a-day!) And this is true with our spiritual lives, too. Few children have the privilege of good biblical food . . . some of what they are taking in is a lot worse than spam fritters, but we can help to reverse the trend with our books with their excellent nutrition value!

Reviews on Website
I need your help! Would you be kind enough to leave a review of any of our books here on the website? Find the book/s you have read. Underneath each one there’s a tab that says ‘Reviews’. Click on that and away you go! Thank you so much.

Books into Greek
I have mentioned Michelle before, and how keen she is to get our books printed in Greek. She has a passion to reach the children of Greece and Cyprus, who are starving for good Christian literature.
Unfortunately this is a costly exercise and Michelle is looking for sponsorship for this project. If you are able to help in any way I know Michelle (and the children of Greece!) would be hugely grateful. This is Michelle’s vision: “ . . .to get all the books translated and printed and then aim to donate at least one box to each Sunday school in Greece and Cyprus where the books can be used as a lending library or a book club.”
Greek girl reading I Want to Be an Airline PilotHere’s a picture of one of Michelle’s foster-daughters reading the translation of I Want to Be an Airline Pilot in Greek.
Please pray! (And P.S. – Could you buy a box of Dernier books for your own Sunday School or Kids Club? Click here to find these on the Dernier website  or order them from your Christian bookshop.)

Books to Africa
If we can print books on demand in Kenya, we will be able to help children like these.Education (With thanks to Dr Loise Gichuhi from Nairobi University and Education Bridge Africa for the photo.) These are real children who desperately need books. Let’s pray that the Lord will make a way! Way too many children in Kenya have to help on the farm instead of going to school. Families can’t afford school fees, but education is a way out of poverty. This a chicken and egg situation, but if we can help with books, we can at least help some break out of this cycle . . . with books that share the message of hope and love in Jesus! Please pray with me for a miracle. Thank you. x

Christian Resources Together
I spent a couple of days with loads of other people from the Christian book trade at The Hayes Christian Centre, Derbyshire, last month. Author Eleanor Watkins came too and we had lots of fun with other publishers, authors and booksellers. I thought you’d like to see a couple of photos!

Eleanor Watkins holding the Beech Bank Girls booksJanet Wilson and Eleanor Watkins
Allstars Children’s magazine
We have linked up with Allstars Children’s Magazine to offer some free copies of our Beech Bank Girls books. This is an excellent Christian magazine for children 8-11 – do take a look at their website – you can order magazines FREE!

And that’s all the news for now! Thank you for reading this – I always look forward to newsletter time so I can share all our encouraging news with you. 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your book reviews before you go! Thank you very much for your help.

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