Dear Dernier Friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that we now have brand new copies of our latest updated story, Mystery in the Snow, ready to bring joy to your 8-11s! Yaaayyyy!!!!

It’s the sequel to The Treasure Hunt, which has been well received. Here’s a review from Jonas, a nine-year-old lad, in the Transforming Ministry magazine:

It was really exciting. When I got to the end of a chapter, I wanted to read the next one. When the children in the story found something they they thought was wrong or hard, they prayed and told their parents and then did something about it, even though it was scary. I think my friends would like it, and I hope my school library will get it. I’d definitely like to read another adventure by this author!”

It’s not easy finding Christian books suitable for nine-year-old boys as well as girls, so if you know a family who might enjoy either or both of these stories, make sure they don’t miss out. We need to encourage our children in their faith right now – the need is urgent. I’m sure, like me, you are constantly shocked and saddened by what is going on in our children’s lives. In the face of such evil, it can all seem so overwhelming, but at least we can still buy books and pass them on!

Let’s fight back!

Together in the service of the King,


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