Good morning from the quiet outskirts of London. It’s nearly 9am as I write this, and usually the road is busy, but right now there’s just the odd car passing by. These are extraordinary times, aren’t they? We need to keep praying for all those affected.

Good News of Hope – Books to Share

One wonderful thing is that few children are becoming ill with Covid-19 – what a mercy that is! Of course, children are still affected – those with underlying health problems are still at risk, they may begin to lose loved elderly friends, relatives and neighbours, and they may be stuck at home with no clubs, groups, sports and even school.

We’d love to help you if we can – not every child is a reader, but most love to have a story read to them! We’d love you to be able to share our books with their message of light, life and hope with the children around you.

At the very least, reading Christian books is something positive to do! At the very best, books change lives… a young lad at church has just read Mystery in the Snow. He told me it’s the best book. He was so excited to read about Christian kids, just like him. Who knows what will stick with him for the future?

boy reading

We’ve been considering how we can best respond to help YOU and would appreciate your feedback on the following two questions:

  1. Who would you most like to buy books for, if money were not an issue?
  2. Would you be more interested in kindle books, or paperbacks?

Please contact me via email – or on our facebook page, or in the comments below with your replies to these two questions.

Thank you so much for your help. We want to make sure that what we do will meet your needs, while still managing to make ends meet at our end. Always a balancing act! 🙂

Dyslexia friendly books

Some honestly good news to encourage you. We’re delighted that some of our dyslexia friendly books have reached Star School in Rwanda. Special needs teaching is brand new for this school, so they are delighted to have some resources. Please pray these books will be a wonderful blessing to children in the schools who struggle with reading – not just that they will help with education (although that’s wonderful!) but that they would also be touched by the message of the good news. Thank you!

New Books in the Pipeline

You already know about Nobody’s Dog, for 6-8s. If we have the resources, we will also bring out The Cat with Two Lives, for the same age group. We are also working on a book for 8-11s called The Dove Stone by new author Pam Daunton. It’s set in post-Roman Britain and will feature Rhiannon and her dog, Wolf, who looks something like this:

Large dog

Pam went in to a local school to talk to the children for book day. She told me, “The juniors were fascinated by my character Wolf and enjoyed thinking about the words we could use to describe him.” Pam regularly takes collective worship at the school, so the children were surprised she was talking to them about writing for a change! Please pray for us as we work on producing these new books for your children. Thank you!

Whatever is happening around us, we plan to continue bringing out books to help you reach the children on your heart with the good news of Jesus. Every book you give away has the potential to bear eternal fruit.

Please keep praying for us, and don’t forget to respond with how we can best help you with our books.

A: Who would you most like to buy books for, if money were not an issue?

B: Would you be more interested in kindle books, or paperbacks?

Thanks so much,

Janet Wilson


Good News for Dark Times
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