More of our books are now out as audiobooks, ready for kids who are not so keen on reading, or for all the family to listen to on that long journey!

London’s Gone is the latest to hit the virtual shelves. This gripping drama for 10+ is available from your usual subscription service (eg Audible, iTunes)… or Google Play for a once-only purchase.

London's Gone audiobook cover

Don’t miss out on this fab opportunity to share your faith with your kids, and talk about the issues.

Reading Christian stories together is a great way to fulfill Scripture’s commands to talk about the Lord and his ways as you walk along in life together.

  1. Choose your book from our website
  2. Follow the link to go to the audiobook, or put the paperback in your basket
  3. Read (or listen) and enjoy discussing the story together!

Start here.

London’s Gone on Audiobook
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