Morning, Janet here. Last year we started sending boxes of books to Kenya, for children in slum schools on the outskirts of Nairobi. This is such a heart-warming picture – I was told the children were so excited to have story books – this little chap just couldn’t wait to get reading!

One day I’d love to go… in the meantime, please do pray for all the children who read our books all over the world, whether they are privileged or destitute, seven years old or seventeen, at school, in refugee camps, or at home, with single parents, no parents, or children of a father with four wives. Every child is precious. Every single one.

If you’d like to send a box of books to Nairobi, we can do it on your behalf – we work with an organisation called Education Bridge Africa. £250 would cover the cost for as many books as we can fit in a 5kg box (including shipping). That’s around 40-50 books (some are lighter than others). Let me know if you want to be a hero for children like these – reading will help them out of poverty, and reading Christian books will help to build their faith.


Read to Lead
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