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The Treasure Hunt
  1. Did you enjoy this story? Would you like to have been on this adventure with Ravi, Debbie, Joel and Lance?
  2. How important do you think it is to have old and new friends? Lance and Joel have known each other for a long time. How do you think that helps friendship?
  3. We tend to think mistakes are bad, but sometimes they turn out for good. Can you think of an example of that in this story?
  4. When Lance reads his Bible verse for the day and prays, he feels God’s presence with him in a special way (in chapter two). Has this ever happened to you?
  5. Debbie, Lance, Joel and Ravi pray together several times in the story. Why do they do that? Could you pray with your friends? Do you think it’s a good idea?
  6. The lorry driver uses racist language. How did it make you feel when you read it?
  7. Lance says you can’t tell what people are like by the way they look. If that’s true, how can you tell what people are like?
  8. Ravi, Debbie, Joel and Lance prayed, but they also did something. Is there anything you could do to help people in need?
  9. In chapter six, Debbie doesn’t want to go in the café on her own, so Ravi goes with her. How could the boys have persuaded her to go alone? Would this be a good thing to do? Do you think you should always be able to say no if you don’t feel comfortable doing something?
  10. If you and your friends or class at school had to act out this story in a production, who would you choose to play the different characters? Give reasons for your choices.

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