The City Kid
1. John Ouma is an ambitious young man. Do you think there is there anything wrong with being ambitious? How important do you think integrity is when you’re trying to get on in life? Do you think the means sometimes justifies the end?
2. What do you think of Zeke Ochieng? Do you think he is he too outspoken about his religious views?
3. Do you think Rose and John made a good couple? What/who do you blame for the breakdown in their relationship?
4. John falls prey to greed and corruption. How likely is it that you will face similar pressures/disasters? What other potential pitfalls in life start off small, but can spiral out of control? How could you avoid anything like that happening to you?
5. John Ouma’s reaction to losing everything that seemed to give meaning to his life was to attempt to take his own life. Was this a logical or rational reaction? If you had a friend thinking about ending their life, how could you help them?
6. John’s encounter with Zeke at the music festival was a life-saver for him. Would you regard this as good fortune or do you think that God might work through coincidences like this?
8. What do you think about the idea of finding a message in the music? Are song and music important and can they really change lives? If so, how does that work?
7. Zeke extends the hand of genuine, practical help to John after they meet at the music festival. Do you know someone going through a hard time who could really use your help?
9. What does this story imply about the importance of being a Christian?
10. If you were John’s friend, what advice would you give him as he boards the bus to return home?

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