If you run a book club, or are a teacher, homeschooler, or simply a parent, you might find our discussion questions useful. Please click on the book you are reading, in the drop-down menu, or click on the relevant link below. Feel free to print off the discussion questions – they are FREE to use.

(Not all books have questions yet, but we’re working on it…)

And we would love to have your feedback, so we can improve and serve you and the children on your heart. 🙂

We hope to add questions for all our books over time, so please do come back from time to time and see if your favourite book has been added! And if you have any ideas for questions, please send them to us. 🙂

Please find discussion questions for the following books here:

The City Kid

The Birthday Shoes

I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

Living in Hope

A Pennyworth of Peppermints

A New Me

Revenge of The Flying Carpet

Deepest Darkness

Mystery in the Snow

The Treasure Hunt

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