Reading Groups

If you run a book club, or are a teacher using Revenge of the Flying Carpet in school, here are some questions you may like to use:

Revenge of the Flying Carpet front cover

Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Reading Group Questions

  1. Paul and Trinity are twins, but there are many ways they are not alike. What would you say are the main differences between them?

  1. Paul meets several people on his journeys. (The soldiers, the King, the old man in the olive grove, the prophet, the gardener, Seth and Anna, and Michael.) Who would you most like to have met, if it were you on the flying carpet? Why?

  1. Do you think Spencer is a good friend? Paul feels the man in the olive grove understands how he feels. Do you have someone you feel understands you? When people talk to you, do you try to understand how they are feeling?

  1. Why do you think Paul experienced a sense of freedom when he returned to the place where he had been imprisoned in the dungeon, to find it in ruins?

  1. Paul finds it helpful to paint his experiences. He also found it helpful to pray. How do you like to express yourself? Do you pray, the way Paul does? Do you think you would find it helpful if you did?

  1. Why was the prophet in prison? Was he a criminal? Are there people who are imprisoned for their faith in God today?

  1. What do these words mean: righteousness, justice, mercy, grace, revenge, forgiveness? Name some of the reasons Paul wants to get revenge on Trinity. Can you understand that feeling? Is there anyone you would like to get revenge on, who has hurt you in some way?

  1. Why does Paul describe Seth and Anna as being “rich people” when they have so few material possessions? How rich do you think are you?

  1. What do you think is better – revenge or forgiveness? Why? Can you imagine being able to forgive people who have hurt you? Seth and Anna forgave the man who allowed his goats to eat their blanket. Michael forgave Trinity for betraying him. Why did they decide to forgive? Do you think it would have been a hard thing to do?

  1. What was different about the last trip? Was Paul more afraid of the dragon or the light? Why? What did Paul discover about the reason for his trips on the flying carpet? Does he get revenge in the end? Does he get justice? Do you think the book could have ended in a different way?


We hope to add questions for all our books over time, so please do come back from time to time and see if your favourite book has been added! And if you have any ideas for questions, please send them to us. 🙂

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