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Lion and Lamb Poster


Posters are 170 gsm, with a silk finish.

Size: 16″ x 20″


Want your children to be encouraged every day? Need a bit of colourful inspiration in the office, bedroom, classroom, or Sunday School room? Looking for a baptismal gift or a present to cheer a friend?
Look no further!
If we see or hear something  enough times, it stays in our heads. Advertisers know this – that’s why they use the same slogans over and over again until we can repeat them by heart.
If we want good things to stay in our heads, we need to fill our minds with good things. During times of trial, we all need to remember that heaven is our home . . . Heaven is a Wonderful Place!
Whether this poster is for you, the children you love, or for your church building, this poster will be more than a colourful picture on the wall. 🙂
Choose our original Inspirational Posters for every day spiritual encouragement.

Lion and Lamb Poster

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