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Nobody's Dog Front Cover
  1. Luke liked his third-floor apartment because he could look out over the road and the park. What do you like about your home?
  2. Why did Luke think the stray dog didn’t have a home? Imagine you are a stray dog. How would you feel?
  3. Why did Luke name the dog Bushy? There are two reasons!
  4. Luke wondered why God had let Bushy be hurt. What did Mr Bronzovi say that they must do? What things make you sad and angry? Do you think Mr Bronzovi’s advice would help you?
  5. Why didn’t Bushy trust anyone in the beginning? Give reasons for your answer.
  6. Mr Bronzovi says God cares about animals, so he and Luke pray about Bushy. What does prayer mean? Is there anything you would like to pray about?
  7. At first, Luke’s mum wasn’t keen on him getting involved with the stray dog. Do you think she had a point?
  8. Why did Bushy begin to trust Luke and Mr Bronzovi?
  9. According to the story, who worked out all the problems for the best? What do you think about this? Do you agree with it?
  10. What did you like most about this story?

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