Living in Hope by Mary Weeks Millard

1. Frida struggled to decide if she should go to the city with Justin, or stay in the Village of Hope and look after her brother and sister. What could she have done before making up her mind? Justin was a bad man, and tricked Frida. What can you do to make sure you stay safe?

2. Ishimwe was very upset when Frida left home. What did she do that made her a good neighbour? Think of some ways you could be a good neighbour or friend.

3. Have you experienced bullying in your school or group? Would you have a problem in reporting it? Gregoire was really mean to Sam, and caused him a lot of trouble, but Sam forgave him. Do you think it’s important to forgive? Why?

4. The policeman advised Shema to be patient and to listen if he wanted to find out the truth. Do you think this was easy advice for Shema to follow? What might have happened if he hadn’t have been patient?

5. How could Sam and Shema help protect the gorillas? Do you think two children can make a difference? What can you do to help protect the environment where you live?

6. Even though Frida had made a terrible mistake, all her friends and family threw a party for her, because they were so pleased to have her back safe and sound. How do you think she felt? Have you ever made a terrible mistake? How did you feel?

7. The school football team did really well, but in the end Sam’s team lost the final. How do you feel when you win? How do you feel when you lose a game, or when your team loses? What do you think it means to be a “good loser”?

8. What do you think about Delphine’s idea of a Skills Centre? What would you like to learn if you had the opportunity? What are you already good at? Is there someone you could help by sharing your skills?

9. Would you like to change places with one of the children in the Village of Hope? What do they have that you don’t? What do you have that they don’t?

10. Everyone was pleased and relieved that Frida came home safely. Do you think the story could have finished in a different way?

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