I Want to Be an Airline Pilot

1. Shema found it easier to walk home with his heavy jerry can of water when he had a friend to walk with him. Can you give an example of something you do that is more enjoyable when you have someone to do it with? Can you think of a way you could support someone who is struggling with something on their own?

2. Shema felt bad when he and Ishimwe had new sweaters, but there wasn’t one for Magi. Do you sometimes feel bad for people who don’t have as much as you, or feel jealous when other people have new things and you don’t? Can you think of something you could do to share with someone who has less than you?

3. “Life’s not fair.” What do you think about this statement? Shema was grumpy with the goats when he found out he couldn’t go to church with Sam. Do you get grumpy with someone else when you can’t have what you want? How could you deal with disappointment in a different way?

4. Was it fair that Shema couldn’t go to school? What can we learn from his attitude towards school and learning?

5. Shema decided that the lady giving him a sweater the right size for Maji was a miracle. Do you think miracles still happen today? Has anything amazing ever happened to you after you prayed?

6. Shema was frightened of the medicine man. Think about the last time you were scared – how did you feel? What did Shema do when he was scared? Next time you are frightened or anxious, what could you do that might help?

7. In Rwanda, older people are highly respected. Why do you think Sam’s grandparents were called “The Library”? Are the elderly people you know treated with respect? What could you do to show respect to older people?

8. The pastor and his wife were poor, but they still wanted to help others in need. There is a saying: “You can’t help everyone, everywhere; but you can help someone, somewhere.” How true do you think this is? What could you do to help one person today?

9. Shema wants to be an airline pilot. This seems impossible, but the policeman encourages Shema to never give up on his dream. Do you have any dreams/ambitions for your life? Do people encourage you, or laugh at you? Do you encourage other people when they tell you their dreams, even if they seem impossible?

10. What did you like most like about this story? Which character did you like best? What have you learned from this story?

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