A New Me Christian book for pre-teens
  1. Jess’s family is struggling financially. Have you ever wanted something but not been able to afford it? Do you sometimes think life is unfair?
  2. Jess doesn’t want to move house at first, even though the change might mean something better. People sometimes talk about “fear of the unknown”. Do you think this is a reasonable fear?
  3. Everyone’s good at something. Jess is good at running. In your reading group, what talents do you have?
  4. Jess wants to see her dad again, but her mum says she won’t take him back. Do you think they both have a point? Do you think there’s a difference between forgiving someone who has hurt you, and allowing them to do something bad to you again?
  5. At first, Jess wants to get her own back on Harriet, but later things turn round. What do you think about the way Jess deals with the different incidents of bullying in the story? What would you have done, if you were Jess?
  6. Cockfighting is a cruel sport. Jess equates it with being bullied, and wants to do something about it. Have you been prompted to action when you have seen a person or an animal suffering? Do you think you should speak up if you see something suspicious? Who would you talk to?
  7. When Jess is first invited to the church youth club, she is nervous about getting involved with religious people. She says she didn’t want to be brainwashed into believing something that wasn’t true. Do you think this is sensible?
  8. During the weekend away, Jess starts to pray. What do you think about praying? Do you think God hears?
  9. Jess becomes a Christian during the story. Her life has already changed a lot, but this changes her from the inside. Do you think this is possible in real life?
  10. At the end of the book Naomi says, “Jess, there may be ups and downs, but I believe there are lots more good things to come.” Do you think this reflects real life for everyone, or just some people?