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Spiritual Food for Summer Reading!

Money is tight right now, but there are things we definitely need to keep spending money on.

Food is one of them!

Spiritual food is equally important.

Don’t forget to fill your children up with excellent quality food for their minds and spirits in the holidays! The odd bit of junk food probably won’t hurt, but a good diet with excellent nutrition is invaluable for excellent health.

After all, we are what we eat!

If you know a child/family who can’t afford to buy books right now to feed their children’s souls, could you step in?

You could change the course of a life with every “meal” you buy.

What about children who come to clubs and groups in the summer? Or families who come to food banks, community fridge or other initiatives at your church?

We have some fabulous books to encourage and inspire ALL the children on your heart!

Click the following links for the age group you are looking for:

Books for 6-8s

Books for 8-11s

Books for 10-14s

Books for young adults.

Or visit your local Christian bookshop, who will be delighted to help you choose!

Don’t let your loved ones miss out. You’ve only got to turn round and they’ve grown another inch! … and learned a lot more, too… not all of which will be helpful.

We certainly need to get some good things in our children’s lives. Who’s going to do that? We can’t leave it to others – it’s too important. It’s up to you and me.

The Dove Stone Book Launch

Thanks for all your prayers for us as we worked towards getting The Dove Stone out into the world!

Pam Daunton launching The Dove Stone

Author Pam Daunton had a wonderful book launch last month, in Lancashire!

Pam Daunton launching The Dove Stone
Pam Daunton launching The Dove Stone

Pam is a retired primary teacher, and wrote the book in a way that is suitable for schools to use in RE as well as be enjoyed by any young reader.

Please pray it will be taken up for use in many schools in the UK!

If you know a Christian teacher, please do share this page with them. The Dove Stone is an exciting story set in post-Roman Britain – the characters also learn how to pray to Father God.

It is also a page-turning story perfect for family reading, bed-time stories, or any summer reading opportunity!

Please keep praying for future projects

We’re working on an audio version of Nobody’s Dog, the ebook version of The Dove Stone, plus have other projects in the pipeline. We very much value your prayers as we work to get books out for you to pass on. Together we can make a difference!

Grace and peace to you,


Janet Wilson

P.S. Spiritual food available here. 🙂

Good Summer Food!
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