Dear Dernier Friends,

I was talking to my daughter-in-law recently, about work. She’s a nurse at a London hospital, in the children’s ITU. The work is varied – she sees children with cancer, asthma, diabetes and other long-term complaints. She also has children who have had accidents, and sadly, children who have attempted suicide (mostly teens, but not exclusively). Can you imagine? Part of me wishes I hadn’t asked, but honestly, it’s good to remember that although reaching this desperate situation is rare, childhood isn’t always the happy time we’d love it to be.

If you know a child who is going through a tough time, why not show the love and buy them a book? Just knowing you care could be a huge boost… you might even save a life.

Nobody's Dog

This is our online catalogue, but do feel free to buy from your favourite bookstore.

While Stocks Last

The Birthday Shoes is getting low in stock. If you’d like a copy of the first edition, now’s your time to get one, or if your children have already got it and love it, why not buy it for their friends? Don’t miss out! Girls adore this book. 🙂

Bargain Box

Did you know we have a Bargain Box of 17 books for £84.99 (worth £107.83)? If your book shelves are already heaving, this isn’t for you! But if you have grandchildren who visit, or need presents for Sunday School children, local refugees, or to give to families who attend a group/club at your church, this Bargain Box is ideal. There’s something for everyone. 🙂

Dernier Books

The Book Club

If that’s not for you, the Book Club is still running. Come and join us if you’d like to get a book a month for a fiver. It’s another bargain!

New Leaflets

We have new leaflets featuring all our books. If you’d like a bunch to give to your church or group, please let us know and we’ll send them to you. Thanks for your help in getting the word out there!

Young people off to uni?

A reader told me: “I finally finished Year 0033, I was savouring it and not wanting it to come to the end.Year 0033 is the perfect gift to send to anyone off to uni…

Year 0033 Full Cover

or there’s The City Kid. Both will inspire your kids to keep walking with God, even in the godless world around them.

The City Kid

Oliver’s Secret

This fab book will soon be available for pre-order. Your kids will love this fun story about a cat who has a secret. Where does he go when he’s not at Clare’s house? Clare learns about answered prayer, and realises that sometimes she has to wait. It’s written by the same brilliant author as Nobody’s Dog, and illustrated in a similar style. You will love reading this to your family, or if you have an enthusiastic young reader, they will enjoy the challenge of reading this alone.

Please Pray for Dernier

Please pray for us as we step out into enemy territory. Our children are so precious, and the enemy wants to steal their joy, their faith and their very lives. Christian books can give them a perspective on life that they had never considered before, and help them make sense of their world, and their faith. It seems we have to fight for every book – but it’s worth the fight, for the sake of our children.

Thank you so much for your support – it means a lot. In return, we hope our books will be a wonderful, rich blessing to your family. 🙂


Janet Wilson
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