Christmas is nearly with us, with all the opportunities that affords us, to reach out with the good news of Jesus!

Nobody’s Dog

If you want to encourage a family in their faith this Christmas, or reach out with hope in a gentle way, this is the perfect gift for 6-8s/family reading. Luke learns about prayer, faith and trust as the stray dog in the park learns to trust him. As with all our books you can buy it from our here, or from bookshops, or from wherever you usually buy your books!

Nobody's Dog

Here are some reviews, in case you’re not sure:

I just wanted to say that we finished the book and my daughter, Faye (7) loved it!”

It was a lovely story, which kept [my daughter] engaged throughout and wanting to know what would happen next. We loved the simple message throughout that God answers prayer (in his own time and way) and that he is in control even when life is tough!”

Nobody's Dog

We have already sold over half of the first print run of this wonderful book! 400 of these books are going to prisoners’ children via Angel Tree (part of the Prison Fellowship). Please do pray for all those who will receive a copy, that seeds will be planted that will bring joy to children who have a parent in prison.

Book Club

Our book club is well under way! Members receive a book a month for £5 – some of the books stay at home to encourage members’ children, but others are going from there to nephews, nieces, grandchildren and at least one godchild.

One book is off to New Zealand! This is a fabulous way to reach out with hope in these tough times, through story. Join in the fun here – it’s a bargain, and it’s fun, because you will get a surprise in the post every month! Plus we have a facebook group, so we can chat about the books, and pray for each other.

Year 0033

This is a tough one to advertise, because it’s my own book. I first got the idea for the story when I was sitting in my garden, late one summer evening. It gradually got dark – I could feel that darkness coming down, and it seemed to press in all round me (I was surrounded by shrubs). Then I looked up and saw the sky – not dark, as I had expected, but a glorious, almost translucent, shade of blue. And I knew I needed to write a story for young people which would inspire them to keep looking up, even when everything around seems to be falling apart.

Year 0033 Christian YA book

The timing is perfect.

This is the blurb: Chella has lived the whole of her life in Area IF208, one of many Areas set up by a new World Council after war, famine and plague cause global devastation.

Religion is banned, supposedly for the sake of world peace, so Chella has to keep her Christian faith a secret.

But when her best friend disappears, her fiancé is arrested, and astonishing rumours of people living Outside surface, a new chapter in her life begins.

Chella is an unlikely heroine, battling a troubled past, a dangerous present and an uncertain future.

Shine your light into our darkness, Lord, and by your graceprotect and deliver us from all evil this night; in the name of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, we pray.”

Never has Chella needed to pray this prayer as much as she needs to pray it now.

She has no idea how much is at stake.

We have received some amazing reviews, including the following:

A breathlessly good read!” – Daisy

I read this book in just a few sittings because my heart was in my mouth.” – Catherine

I enjoyed it so much that the only time I stopped reading was to eat.” – Elissa

As with all our newer books, this one is dyslexia friendly. You can order it here for the young people on your heart, or from bookshops and online book stores.

If someone comes to mind, get it now, before the thought goes away and the seed is never sown. You never know what might happen as a result of your gift.

Here are some more Christmas present ideas:

Christmas Books

How lovely are the feet of those who bring good news. Simply go to the home page and have a browse!

I probably won’t be in touch again until 2021, but I hope you have a safe and blessed Christmas.

Let’s let our lights shine.


Janet Wilson

P.S. Here are the links again:

Nobody’s Dog for 6-8s/family reading.

Book Club a surprise book a month for £5.

Year 0033 for teens.

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