Be the one who buys the book who changes the life. How do you know your books will change lives? You need to keep sowing seeds. The more you sow, the more fruit will grow. Some seed will fall on rocks and among weeds… but what farmer would ever say, I shan’t bother to sow seeds because some won’t grow? We’d all starve!

Girls love our Beech Bank Girls books. Filled with fun, adventures, truth, difficult situations and faith, these girls are learning to walk with God. Let them inspire your girls, too! Today only (02.07.2020), get 10% off if you buy any of these fabulous books from our website. Add coupon code BBG at checkout.

Sow seeds in your girls’ lives. Don’t let them miss out.

Beech Bank Girls

“I really like all that happens in this book especially how they all work together. I think you should read it, and I think that you will enjoy it too!” – Daisy (reader

“An excellent book. Eleanor Watkins has a good grasp of the issues faced by 11-14 year old girls today combined with an ability to write for them in an engaging, interesting and relevant way. I would particularly recommend this book for girls who will be moving on to secondary school in the foreseeable future, as well as those already in years 7 and 8.” – Brenda (teacher)

“My 13 year-old granddaughter was riveted, and read through all four books about the Beech Bank Girls in the half term week that she stayed with me.” – Rosemary (grandparent)

Sowing Seeds with Christian Books
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